Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Four return
Yiming and Chu Yao quickly returned to their original place,Waiting for Xiao Fan,I thought Xiao Fan hadn’t returned yet,Also needs to accomplish what he needs to accomplish。
But I didn’t expect to find Xiao Fan was already waiting for them after returning,They both felt a little surprised,I don’t know how the matter is resolved,Is the evidence I found still useful?。
But whether you use this experience or not,It is very useful for them,If you encounter something like this next time,The two of them can also handle such things well。
Xiao Fan felt that the two of them had returned,Because the feeling between him and the jade pendant is very strong,So seeing them both come back is very relieved,Waiting for the two of them to report to themselves。
Some things in the process of the two of them。After all, this mission is not to be underestimated,If I change to any other person,Xiao Fan couldn’t be so relieved。
Or believe that they can reflect on what they are doing in the task in time,How on earth,Is it good or bad,There are also advantages and disadvantages,If you change to someone else,I don’t even care about it。
Just thinking about how to complete the task,There may even be no way to complete this task correctly.,The place where you can escape smoothly,Xiao Fan knew that this mission was difficult。
It’s because he knows that the strength of those people cannot be underestimated,Otherwise, I won’t value them so much for so many years,If their strength can really be used in the right way,Must be very powerful。
This is what Xiao Fan hopes they can do,But they have done the wrong thing,It’s too late to regret now,The only thing they can do now is to atone for what they have done。
As for whether those people can forgive them,Then it’s unknown。Xiao Fan just hoped that they could take this opportunity to understand how wrong some things they have done over the years。
And they always feel that what they are doing does not seem to be that heinous or that the sin is really going to be extremely sinful.,Even they feel that what they do is not just for their lives。