“Hello uncle lin!”Qin Feng greeted each other,After all, his identity is“younger generation”,It should be polite to these elders。

Just didn’t expect,Lin Dong frowned at this moment,“Who are you?How come back with our Linger?”
Hear him,Qin Feng thought Lin Dong cares about Du Jialing,So sorry,“Sorry Uncle Lin,I didn’t let her go home before,It’s just that the situation was a bit special,I can explain to you.”
Qin Feng wants to tell them about Carina Du’s“Condition”。
However, he never thought,I was interrupted before I finished speaking。
I saw Lin Dong look unhappy,“How much money did we spend raising such a girl,I was kidnapped by you?I wanted to be our little fat wife,You stole it?”
I heard Lin Dong,Carina Du bowed her head。
And Qin Feng was also stunned.,What’s the situation?
“Humph,Don’t blame me for not being affectionate,You want to take us Linger away,Let go of the five million bride price,Just as compensation for us to raise her up。”Lin Dong continued。
Talked for so long,Love is about to sell her daughter?
only,This is not their daughter。
“mom.”Fatty Lin is not happy anymore,If Qin Feng really took the money out,If Lin Dong accepts it, it means that he really has no hope of being with Carina Du in this life.?