How to properly treat body ringworm

How to properly treat body ringworm

Tinea corporis, also known as “round tinea” or “money mole”, is caused by Trichophyton trichophyton, Microsporum or Epidermophyton.

The main sources of infection are hand ringworm, athlete’s foot, onychomycosis, and contaminated clothing.

Obviously, obesity, sweating, friction, not paying attention to hygiene, diabetes, etc. and those with low immunity are prone to occur.

Occurs on the face, neck, trunk and limbs.

  ■ Clinical features of tinea corporis 1. Etiology: The main pathogens are microsporum and trichophyton, and there are also epidermal ringworm.

  2, good hair parts: tip sweaty parts.

  3, the characteristics of the rash: pimples, blisters or rash, composed of round or round-like erythema, the center often subsides, the edges expand, the formation of discrete injuries, obvious lesions in the acute stage, dark red in the chronic period, the center subsidence is not obvious,But the boundaries are clear.

  4, subjective symptoms: itching ulcers.

  5, prognosis: jock itch often has a tendency to recur.

  ■ What are the characteristics of body ringworm? Body skin diseases are caused by fungi. The superficial damage caused by pathogenic pulverizing parasites on the human skin is collectively called body ringworm.

Experienced doctors often do not need to do plaster casts to diagnose skin diseases. This is because the occurrence of ringworm and skin lesions show the following aspects in common: (1) Onset characteristics.

Tinea corporis is often caused by self-infection, followed by tinea pedis, athlete’s foot, jock itch, onychomycosis, or tinea corporis. These ringworm infections are then transmitted to the skin.

Of course, if you are in close contact with a skin patient or share a towel, clothes, etc. can also be transmitted.

In addition, the occurrence of nevus is related to the body’s resistance.

When diabetes or other systemic diseases and long-term application of a large number of hormones, immunosuppressive agents, etc. will reduce the body’s immunity, at this time try to reduce the amount as small as possible can cause body ringworm.

  (2) Characteristics of skin lesions.

From the beginning of the constitution, local erythema, pimples, or blister damage occurred on the skin.

After the blister dries, desquamation occurs and gradually expands to the surrounding area. At the same time, the central part of the lesion has a tendency to heal and causes the lesion to collapse or collapse. The edges are raised and the boundaries are clear. They are shaped like copper coins.Ringworm.
There are desquamation and pigmentation on the skin, and the surrounding parts of the skin are obviously obvious. Active erythema, pimples and blisters are often present.

  (3) Seasonal characteristics.

The warm environment is conducive to the growth and reproduction of fractures, so ringworm will be significantly worsened in summer, the edges of the lesions will be active, pimples, blisters and desquamation will be accompanied by obvious wound itching. In winter, the skin lesions will disappear or even disappear naturally.If it is not treated, it will happen again when the weather becomes hot.

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