The best coquettish style

The best coquettish style

The core tip: Anyway, men are women who love to be coquettish, and they love to be coquettish.

However, a woman’s coquettishness is a science. How can coquettishness make fun of a man’s heart?

  1. Easy to laugh.

The impassioned girl is very heavy, and it is a heart stone for the actor, which will make him breathless and not fulfilled.

Therefore, love to laugh is very important for a girl in love. If the actor is the wind, you should be sand-change, and the best change is the reaction, and the best reaction is to laugh.

  2. Be careful.

This is a double-edged sword. If you do n’t use it, you will not fall into it, you will not give up, you will not have heart and lungs, and you will not have a “combat atmosphere”.

How to do it?

The safest way is to turn yin into the eye in time after being angry, preferably like the weather in spring, like a child without weaning, worrying for an inch of sorrow, and happy for a little happiness.

  3. Give him a nickname.

Be creative, have fun, and call him.

  4, pinch him, pinch him, twist him, tear him, bite him, and point his finger at him.

These feminine moves may be used selectively.

  5. Unreasonable.

You must win the fight, and then put a lollipop in your mouth to show condolences.

  6, in his arms.

For example, in a movie theater, on a suburban road, beside an open square . This is a very warm approach and gentle trust.

  7. Remember to say “hate”.

This is a strange word. The man in the love scene loves to listen because it represents a kind of intimacy and is slightly ambiguous. Not every man is qualified to answer.

For the heroine, when talking about this word, she will be particularly relieved, happy, and there is a wonderful “嗔” flavor, if you add a little more ending, you will be more angry.

  8. Use more baby language and some overlapping words.

Men like to see their beloved women undergo unbelievable changes under his “effect”. Some become tender, foolish, and silly.

  9, playful.

At this time, you are undefended, very cute, and men like to see this innocence.

  10. Eat snacks.

Girls’ lips and tongue are lonely, especially when they are in love, so they often enjoy snacks with their heads sideways, which is one of the happiest shots of girls in love.

  11, chase and run.

For example, throw him with a pillow, and then run away. He will chase you. You must be panicked but happy, giggling, and screaming appropriately. Men will be enthusiastic. In short, the eagle catches the chicks.Live effect, this is a game result that both parties need.

  12, afraid of pain.

It’s a fuss, it seems that it can’t stand any wind and rain, even if you just participated in a business meeting and fought ten rounds with your negotiating opponent, and finally won back. When you are by his side, you will cause weakness and helplessness.Festival shrimp are full of power!

  13, Si Fan.

The little girl is full of thoughts and forgets the competition in the workplace or the examination room. This time, I just want ordinary pink trivia. I choose kissing, pattern thrushes, and you can wear stockings . Thoughts control your head and hands. With this little girl ‘s heart, youYou will unconsciously get soft all over your body, as if someone was pumping your bones, and you just wait for him to care . 14, pretend to be stupid: somehow ask, “Why are your legs longer than your hands?”

The reason why Yang Yuying is “sweet” is to ask some very stupid questions besides her voice and dimples: “How tall is the sun?”

How many stars are there?

“15, Hong Kong and Taiwan accent: Hug me.

I want it!

Dear . (Long Yin) Hello.

I’m so cold . the timbre and tone are in place, but a pair of breasts is better than a hip.The reason why God makes two ears is to listen more.

The style is not only intuitive, but also audible.

  The reason why “pillow by the wind” is so convincing is that the “sound” has a high level of confusion. Even the “sound” is the first word.

Knowing this, you won’t wonder why Mo Wenwei is not so good-looking, but so charming.

Use imperatives more often.

However, a question can often be used: “Okay?

“16, shake.

Especially when you say “don’t” or get angry with this body language, men will take you the most and have no choice but to obey.

  17. Hanging his neck with both hands, he begged.

  18. Be embarrassed and become angry.