Four major allergy seasons

Four major allergy seasons

Skin is like a naughty child.

Perhaps at this moment, it is also smooth and smooth so that you can enjoy envious eyes, but the next moment, just like the earth awakened by the spring breeze, one by one, red and white acne covered the face.

It is said that in this season of laughing spring, it should be “the peach blossoms on the face of the human face are red”, but there are too many women who are “the peach blossoms on the face of the human face”.
Before beautifying your skin, you may wish to play an “anti-allergy defense” first.

  Wash your face gently to remove dirt and leave sebum. Moderate cleanliness is the main focus of maintenance of sensitive skin, because the dirt in the pores is also the culprit of sensitive inflammation.

But do not wash your hair, the sebum layer is damaged, and the skin is more susceptible to allergies.

  Choosing the right thing First, choose a cleansing milk that doesn’t contain soap-based ingredients and has a mild size, preferably natural ingredients.

In general, facial cleansers must be free of particles and contain no exfoliating ingredients, let alone a facial cleanser that generates heat.

In addition, it is important to note that it is best to use lotion remover for makeup removal on sensitive skin.

  To use it properly to wet your face, first lather the cleanser and then start washing.

After washing, use a towel to dry lightly, do not rub back and forth due to itchy face, it is best to change to a new towel when sensitive.

Wash your face with clean water in the morning and “milky” makeup remover at night, then wash your face with a cleanser.

  Anti-allergy moisturizing in English Finding the product “moisturizing” is another important point of care for sensitive skin.

Anti-allergy lotion has higher content, soothes sensitive skin more than cream, helps skin adjust saturation and increase resistance.

  The correct choice of sensitive skin products generally have the words “mild (mild), mild (mild), sensitive (sensitive)” and other words, indicating that it is designed for sensitive skin and can be used with confidence.

With soothing ingredients such as “herbal or marine” natural extracts, it has a soothing effect and is also a good choice.

  When used correctly in the early spring or when the temperature is relatively low, the emulsion will become saturated and thick, so please warm it with your palm before using it.

Use the “flick” method to spread the lotion a little, and flick with your fingers at both ends, and gently apply it, which can reduce the pressure on sensitive skin.

  Toner regulates the excessively gentle absorption of lotion into the skin to calm and sensitive skin, reorganize texture lines, and balance the pH value of the skin after washing your face.

  Choosing chamomile, aloe vera, calendula or hot springs correctly has a calming and soothing anti-allergic effect and is a good choice.

  Proper use does not require cotton pads, cotton wool can make sensitive skin uncomfortable, it is best to choose non-woven cotton pads or apply directly with clean hands.

The “slap style” is not suitable for sensitive muscles.

It is best to use your hands covered with lotion to soften the attenuation from the inside out.

  High frequency of protection and isolation, low dosage and insufficient sun protection will also cause physical sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, especially for sensitive skin that is already inflamed, and it will not see the sun.

Sun protection is like a coat for the skin. You must wear it whenever you go out.

  Choose the right sunscreen for sensitive skin. It contains anti-allergic ingredients and is hypoallergenic. The fresher the texture, the better.

  Properly apply a thin layer of uniform doping first, then apply a layer on the upper part of the nose and cheekbones.

People who often go out should apply it again before going out in the afternoon, and absorb oil and dirt with a tissue before applying.