Secret Beauty Secrets of Xu Ruoqi PK Big S_1

Secret Beauty Secrets of Xu Ruoqi PK Big S

The young queen who brought up the entertainment industry first jumped into the eyes of Xu Ruoyi and Da S. Both were women over 30 years old, but their skin was still as tender as a baby.

Want to know their skin care experience?

Want to peep at their anti-aging tricks?

Xiaobian collected for you, bring you first-hand intelligence!

  Recent trends of Xu Xiyuan’s Big S: Big S is not only a guest at various fashion events, but the new film “Dragon and Phoenix Store”, starring her and Ren Xianqi recently, is also being released.The weak image in “Summer”.

  Vivian Xu’s recent developments: “A Passion for Love” made us remember this woman who was struggling for love in the movie.

Xu Ruohuan has now turned away from her feminine style and mature dress, so that everyone has another look at this Taiwanese girl.

  Big S skin care experience: 1.

Apply ice water to face to solve mild allergic skin.

  Now it is also an allergy-prone season from summer to autumn, so the skin is prone to various allergies.

Like the big S, it will be applied with ice water, allowing the skin to slowly recover in accordance with its own recovery principle, to restore the previous healthy state.


Never use hot air to dry hair. Big S is just paranoid for hair.

Usually big S is basically long straight hair, rarely allow their hair to change various styles, and especially after shampooing, they must be dried with cool air, so as not to damage the hair.

If time permits, it is best to dry naturally.


Develop a good habit of becoming a vegetarian. Big S changed his eating habits from the beginning of practicing yoga and began to become a vegetarian.

She insists on eating only vegetables and fruits every day, so that the effective toxins in the body can be eliminated.

  Big S recommends a detox meal: Mix oats, raisins and poached eggs in the morning (do not add water).

At first, I was not used to eating dry, but after three days of eating, my stool would be smooth, and toxins such as waste in the body would also be discharged.

As he continued to eat this way every morning, Da S felt that his body began to be “non-toxic and light”, his bones became stronger, of course, his skin became better, and his face became rosy.

  Big S anti-aging tips: 1.

Take anti-aging products with you and strengthen your skin’s anti-aging ability after lunchSignificantly decreased and the oxygen demand increased sharply.

At this time, anti-aging products that are easy to carry with you, of course, prolong the indelible effect of prolonging adolescence.

At the same time, the sunscreen containing anti-oxidant ingredients in this vortex touch-up paint can achieve a win-win effect of sun protection and anti-oxidation. In addition, a word of mouth: alternately in the air-conditioned room, a bottle of moisturizing spray is very necessary.


Grab all the air, and lift and massage the skin. The strong working pressure will most easily cause the skin to loosen slightly and fine lines appear.

To combat this, we must use light anti-aging products to tighten the skin. We must also grasp every available space to do a firming and pressure relief massage for the skin, so that we can wait for the empty space of the elevator daily with our hands.The hour hand spirals from the chin to the temples and massages. After a short period of 1 minute you will find that the skin seems to be smaller as the skin becomes firmer.

  Xu Ruojin skin care experience: 1.

The key to choosing a skincare product that suits you is the choice of skin care products. Xu Ruohuan replaces products that do not use too much moisture, causing excessive burden on the skin. It is necessary to address pores, eye contours, lines, stains, and water shortage.Choose effective products to achieve improvement.


Do more massage to actively combat dark circles. Choose eye care products that increase blood circulation components, such as vitamin E, arnic, citrus polyphenols, and other ingredients to improve dark circles. Do more shiatsu on your eyes or useWarm compress way to improve.


Strict sun care, proper absorption of sun and sports. Summer is of course the best time to sunbathe. In order to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin, it is necessary to take sun care carefully and properly absorb the sun and exercise.Relaxing stress relief therapy.


Secret Mung Bean Soup-Drink it for 3 days to make your face smooth and smooth. Put some mung beans in a tea cup, soak it in boiling hot water, cover and leave it overnight, get up the next day and waste on an empty stomach.Will make your face smooth and flat.


She refuses junk food and replaces the staple food with fruit. She never eats fried food. She eats a variety of fruits every day to supplement all the nutrients the body needs.
And eating fruit in the morning is arguably the best sort of absorption.

Replenish sleep and hydration-insist on drinking warm boiled water. Boiling water can be said to be the best beauty drink for the skin.

Every morning after getting up, it is recommended that everyone can drink a glass of warm water, which will not only detoxify but also wake up the sleeping skin well.