Government pays for civil servants to keep fit

Government pays for civil servants to keep fit

Texas News Recently, more than 1,000 civil servants were evacuated by Texas for a physical test, and the results were shocking.

In order to promote the fitness of civil servants, Texas has introduced policies to supplement the units and communities that purchase sports equipment, with a view to improving the sub-health status that is common among civil servants.

  It is understood that recently, the Dezhou Sports Bureau has performed physical tests on 1,336 civil servants in the city, and the results show that among all the testers, 478 were overweight, accounting for 35.

7%; weak cardiorespiratory function was 446, accounting for 33.


Relevant sources said that civil servants’ overweight and weak cardiopulmonary function are typical sub-health phenomena.

  In order to improve the physical fitness of civil servants, Texas has developed a civil servant fitness plan.

Implement the “table tennis organ advancement project” so that all organs and units can build table tennis rooms and hold table tennis matches.

For each table tennis table installed by the government unit, the city or county sports bureau will supplement 1,000 yuan from the sports lottery public welfare fund.

Promote the “Everyone Sports Plan” for civil servants and help each of them choose a sport. The Municipal Sports Bureau regularly organizes training and competitions by project.

Implement the “fitness path into the community project” so that each community establishes a set of fitness paths and a national fitness morning and evening exercise team, and organizes a fitness path challenge.

The municipal sports bureau subsidies 3,000 yuan from the sports lottery public welfare fund for each set of fitness paths installed in the work area and residential living area of the municipal unit.