Zhao Feng didn’t see anything,But faintly felt:Something flashes against his cheek,That thing is extremely cold,and……

Very sharp!
Zhao Feng knew that he should have met“Murder”Up,But at this time, he has no time to think deeply about this issue.,Because the beast instinct continues,It means secretly“Killer”Still not giving up!
Zhao Feng began to obey the beast instinct,While running fast in the inner ice chamber with a beast body method,The fear in my heart deepens over time,Directly affected Zhao Feng’s breath,He was gasping for breath,The physical body has reached its limit,But Zhao Feng did not dare to slow down the speed of running,Once stopped,I might become the second corpse in this freezer。
The same air-breaking sound flashes from the right ear again,Zhao Feng was also in this trance,Seems to be in darkness,I saw a white light and shadow like a crescent。
Although it is a glimpse,But not through the eyes,That’s more like a feeling。
When the sensation increases to a certain degree,Poop“see”Invisible to the eyes。
But Zhao Feng can’t always see the white light and shadow,He found that whenever the beast instinct is triggered,The concentration of one’s own vision will decrease,And this time,The probability of seeing white light and shadow increases,This gave him a guess:There may be conflicts between eye vision and sensory vision,If you close one of the views,May enhance the efficiency of another perspective。
Zhao Feng has no spare time to think deeply,Basically this idea came to my mind,Execute directly,He closed his eyes,Rely on muscle memory to continue to use the beast body technique,Attempting to evade the sharp blade with the beast instinct,Then take the opportunity to capture the trail of white light and shadow through the sense of vision,however——
Zhao Feng was indeed closing his eyes,I saw the crescent-shaped white light and shadow again,But at this moment,Close up,Cut in diagonally from Zhao Feng’s back,Through clothing、skin、meat、bone,A slender blood stain extending from the left shoulder to the right waist was left on his back,Flat cut,Haven’t waited for the blood to seep out,A layer of frost has formed on the incision。