to be frank,Even she was shocked by the heroic hemisphere on the opponent’s chest,Not to mention the male teammates at the table。

Child with open mouth,Staring intently at the other’s chest,Can’t help but swallow。
Wang Xiaopang’s expression has long since lost his soul,Be intoxicated,Can’t pull out。
Even Liu Yi’s tough guy has a rare smile on his face,I actually whistled with lips。
The most hateful is someone who is reading the review materials,It seems to put down the information in his hand carelessly,Gently pick up the soup,Take a sip,But his gaze has already involuntarily glanced at the snow-white cloud on the opposite side。
“Hey,Haven’t your soup been drunk??What to wear!”Jiang Jinghong yelled with anger,Just sideways,In front of the big breasted beauty。
Lu Menglin coughed twice,Embarrassingly put down the soup in his hand,Put up review materials,Blocked the eyes of a girl who was about to kill。
The other guys also turned their eyes quickly,There was a cough before the round table。
“You men!Is the big breast so pretty??”While the girl surnamed Jiang secretly sighed,Can’t help but look down at his chest。
Just when the girl was a little melancholy,The men who had just sat down at the next table slowly stood up。
All four of them have oriental faces,Dark skin,Towering cheekbones,Silently walked to the table of Team Menglin。
“You took all the big lobsters,What other people eat?”The man headed is not tall,The tone is a bit blunt。
This remark,The members of Team Menglin all raised their heads,Looking at someone。
Lu Menglin frowned,I can’t say how I feel,Just feel a little weird。