Yoga: Helps Relieve Irregular Menstruation

Yoga: Helps Relieve Irregular Menstruation

Irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. Many women recommend a set of yoga exercises to relieve menstrual pain.

The contraction and twist of yoga can strengthen blood circulation in the pelvic region and strengthen internal organs, which is very helpful for women with irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  ★ The ostrich nourishes and strengthens the abdomen organs. The legs are brought together, inhale, and the body is moved forward toward the legs. Hold the feet with both hands or place the palms under the soles of the feet, straight forward, and extend to the front., Elongate the entire front end.

  ★ Inclined spine helps reduce pain and inhalation of the lower abdomen and pelvic area during menstruation. The body and hands are sent forward. Place your feet apart or grasp the feet, so that your upper body can be close to the front of your legs. Maintain natural breathing and relax.The entire head and upper body torso.

  ★ Strengthen the sideways spine, relax the lumbar spine, contract and strengthen the abdominal organs to inhale, separate your legs, slightly wider than your shoulders, put your palms together and put your back with your fingertips facing upwards, inhale, lift your head backwards, and breatheKeep your upper body close to the front of your right leg and relax your upper body and head.

  Twist the spine to massage the abdominal viscera, improve menstrual irregularity. Sit on a chair, sit firmly, keep it upright next to each other, inhale, gently reverse the head and body, and try to turn it to the maximum extent, starting from the waist to the body.After twisting.

  ★ Beam angle correction of irregular menstrual cycle to help normal functioning. Sit on a chair, let the feet of the feet face each other, inhale, keep straight forward, extend forward and forward, exhale, lower your head slightly, tryLet your forehead touch your toes and relax your waist.

  ★ The cat fracture type helps to eliminate the pain of menstrual fractures. Let your knees and palms rest on the cushions, inhale, raise your head, collapse your hips and lift up, hold your arms to let him stretch, exhale, and lower your head.The lower jaw touches the collarbone, the back arches upward, and the back and hip joints are recovered inward.

  ★ Cat variants help eliminate dysmenorrhea, relieve menstrual irregularities, knees on the mat, arms flat on the mat, inhale, let your fingertips move forward until the upper and lower jaw fall on the mat and remain motionless,Close your eyes slightly and keep breathing naturally.

  Tip: Do 5 minutes for each movement, and do 1 or 2 movements an hour after meal each day. It is not suitable to do on the first day of menstruation.