Timetable for kids to eat science

Timetable for kids to eat science

Even if three meals a day are nutritious and delicious, if moms do n’t order food for their babies, they will directly develop a bad habit of eating badly for their babies, which will adversely affect the baby ‘s gastrointestinal health.

So, at what point is your baby the healthiest meal?

I will soon take stock of them for you.

  The best time for your baby’s breakfast plan-7:00 Baby recipe tips: At this time the baby may still be lying on the bed, but in fact his temperature has started to rise, his pulse has begun to accelerate, his digestive function has begun to run, and the digestive tract is awakestatus.

At this time, the baby’s stomach can digest and absorb the nutrients in the food most efficiently, which is the best time for breakfast.

  Baby Breakfast Recipe: Egg Sandwich Preparation Ingredients: 3 white boiled eggs, 8 white toast bread, 1 cup of Chobe Salad Dressing (mayonnaise flavor), 1 pinch of black pepper and salt each, ham for lunch, Half of cucumber.

  Breakfast recipes for babies: 1. Remove the boiled eggs and crush them with a spoon.

Mix the minced egg with 2/3 of the salad dressing, add black pepper and salt, and stir well.

  2. Take a slice of toast, spread the stir-boiled egg salad evenly on top, then cover another slice of toast, and use a bread knife to cut away the surrounding hard edges.

  3. For lunch, slice the ham into slices, cut the cucumber into small slices, and cut the maiden fruit in half.

  4. Take a slice of toast, flatten the ham slices, and then apply a thin layer of salad dressing, and then place the cucumber slices neatly, and repeat the process.

Take another slice of toast and cover it with cucumber and ham, cut away the hard edges around, and cut into squares.

Finally cut into triangle shape.

  Nutrition Tips for Baby Recipes: Sandwiches are rich in ingredients to achieve balanced and rich nutrition.

Among them, the eggs are called “the ideal nutritional library for humans” because of the comprehensive and rich nutritional content, which can supplement the baby with excess protein.

In addition, moms don’t forget to match the baby with a cup of warm milk to keep the baby full of energy.