Oral: I apologize to my husband’s lover

Oral: I apologize to my husband’s lover

I have divorced my ex-husband Ajun (pseudonym) for two years. In order to allow my young daughter to have a complete home, I always bear the burden of humiliation in the face of his betrayal and hope that he can change his mind.

But he didn’t understand my good intentions and hurt my heart again and again. In the end, I could only choose to leave his daughter with him.

  Speaking of which, A Jun and I also had a wonderful relationship. We met through a friend’s introduction and got married after two years of love.

Because our family has its own factory and the two have a good relationship, many friends envy us.

From falling in love with A Jun to getting married, I have never doubted his feelings for me. If I still have something unsatisfactory with A Jun, I think he lacks motivation.

Because since we got married, our factory has basically been run by my father-in-law. Ah Jun, like his brother-in-law, only spends money on asking friends to go fishing every day.

Even so, I haven’t restrained him. From pregnancy to the birth of our daughter, we have been living in my mother’s house. Because there is almost no housework that needs his help, I never complain about his idleness.

  It stands to reason that he should be content with this family and this life, but that evening two years ago, he broke our peaceful and harmonious family life.

  One evening in July two years ago, after dinner, Ah Jun went out as usual again. At that time, the television was just playing a ball game. I knew he liked to watch it and immediately called him to go home.

According to his habit, he would go home immediately when he heard it, but that day he said that he was chatting outside with his friends and would come back later.

I felt something was wrong when he spoke, but couldn’t say it, so I was inexplicably upset.

To ease my mood, I plan to go for a walk.

There is a pond near my house. When I walked to the pond, I saw that my car was parked there. Looking around the pond but found no figure of A Jun, so I went to the car and kicked the car with my foot.

I think Ah Jun may be nearby. He will surely come back when he hears the car’s alarm.

Who knew that my foot had just dropped, A Jun actually came out of the car. At the same time, I heard the voice of a woman in the car. She asked, “Who?

“At the moment when I and A Jun and the woman were six eyes apart, we were all stupid.

  For the sake of home, apologize to my husband’s lover. I think that at that moment, no matter how rational a woman is, she can’t restrain her emotions when facing her husband and the charming girl behind him, at least I can’t restrain it.

After seeing me, A Jun stayed a bit and immediately re-entered the car. After I reacted, I rushed over and pulled him out. A Jun struggled and refused to come out. I rushed into the car and gave him and the otherEach girl slapped.

I grab the girl’s clothes like crazy, Ajun pulls me away desperately, let her run, and then Ajun yells hysterically at me, he and that girl are true love.

  I can’t imagine such an ugly scene happening beside this beautiful pond. Seeing the girl gradually escaping after deserting, I got into the car silently.

A Jun also got in the car. We kept driving to the door of my house. He said that he would not go in, so we started to quarrel again outside the courtyard.

  That day we were noisy until more than two o’clock in the middle of the night, and both of them were exhausted.

Later, A Jun called his in-laws, who came over to take him back to their home.

After A Jun left, I felt that I had no strength to cry.

Returning to the room to look at the sleeping daughter, I calmed down all of a sudden, I told myself that the daughter was only four years old, and I couldn’t let her be so young without a complete home.

  The next day, I took the initiative to call Ah Jun back.

He came back soon, but he began to deny that there was an improper relationship with the girl. He said that the girl was a salesperson. He knew him through friends. I misunderstood him and hurt the girl. He asked me to apologize to the girl.

I’m not a stupid woman. I know Ajun is lying, but I forced myself to believe him because I understand Ajun’s personality. If I keep on blinding, we can only divorce.

  That day, in front of Ah Jun, I called the girl and said I’m sorry. The girl said on the phone that although she loved Ah Jun, she would never find him again.

  She left, and three days after her husband became desperate, A Jun said that the girl was going back to his hometown and he wanted to see her off.

After knowing this, my mother-in-law was afraid that I would have a knot with A Jun, so I would send it with him, and I would be relieved to watch her go.

A Jun began to agree with me to send the girl to the car, but after picking up the girl, he rushed me out of the car.

I know that if I do n’t get out of the car, Ah Jun will definitely embarrass me in front of the girl. In order to maintain dignity in front of the girl, I have to get out of the car.

I learned afterwards that he actually said it was fake to send the girl back to his hometown by train. He bought a ticket for the girl and he took her directly to the airport.

Either way, the girl went away and my heart settled a lot.

  The night when the girl was taken away, my family accompany the guests to the hotel for dinner. I saw that Ah Jun kept sending messages using his mobile phone as if he had lost his soul.

I knew he sent it to the girl. At that time, I felt very uncomfortable, but in the face of everyone, I was inconvenienced. I didn’t expect that half of the meal was eaten, and A Jun got up and left without expression.

I immediately went out and tried to stop him, but he was mad and shouted at me like he should be ignored, then turned around and took a taxi.   That night, he didn’t go home all night and his cell phone kept turning off.

He later learned from his friends that he was staying in a hotel that night.

  I do n’t know how attractive the girl is. About three months after she left, one day I accidentally saw in the car that A Jun bought a ticket to her hometown.

When Ah Jun knew I found out that he was going to the girl’s hometown, not only did he have no repentance, but he asked for a ticket loudly.

Seeing that I wouldn’t give it to him, he said he didn’t want that ticket, he would buy another one, and really bought another ticket that day, packed the box and went to the girl’s hometown.

  After a divorce, I was looking for happiness a few days later, A Jun called me and said he was coming back, so I went to the airport to pick him up.

As soon as he entered the house, he turned on his mobile phone and showed me the picture he took of the girl. He also said he would take me next time.

Seeing how happy he was, I felt tears in my heart, but there was still a smile on my face: I could only forgive him again in order to preserve the family.

  At this step, A Jun became even more unaware of me. He sent messages to girls in front of me, and sometimes chatted online.

I think as long as they don’t see each other anymore, let them talk.

But one day when I accidentally saw their chat history, I was dumbfounded: the girl said that she was pregnant, and said that the child was moving, and it was inconvenient for her to go online in the Internet cafe, so he sent him money to buy a computer.

  This fact hit me so hard, I didn’t expect them to hurt me so carelessly.

I said to the girl, now that this is the case, I am going to sue A Jun for bigamy and I am going to divorce.

Faced with my anger, the girl seemed a little scared. She told me not to do this, she would go and shed the child.

At first I thought the girl was lying to me. I didn’t expect A Jun to have troubled me for several days. He said that he wanted a son, but he complained that I talked and stimulated the girl. Now his wife is gone, and the son is alsoGone.

After a few days in this way, A Jun was quiet, and I took it for granted that the girl had lost her child.

  After doing this once, my car driving test came out. In order to train, I bought a used car and drove it.

But I never thought that on the second day after the car was bought, A Jun drove the car I bought to the girl’s hometown and gave the car directly to the girl.

After I returned, I knew that the girl had no abortion at all. This car was a gift he gave her.

  All forgiveness, tolerance and perseverance failed, and in the end, I chose to divorce.

  Two years passed in a flash.

Time has slowly wounded the wound in my heart, and I have basically come out of pain.

In the new year, I plan to live a good life and prepare to find happiness again. I hope to meet a responsible man in the near future and become my lifelong partner.

  ● Edit title This A Jun is too bad!

I just want to engage in extramarital affairs. It was so shameless that after returning from my lover, I proudly showed the photos I took to my wife, and even drove the car bought by my wife away to my lover.

  It’s going to rain, and my mother is going to marry. Since tolerance and patience cannot keep him, let him go.

A person who regards marriage and family as nothing, even if he loves others fiercely in the end, he will eventually lose sight of it because he does not know how to cherish it.

  Knowing that he should be fortunate that he made the right choice. As he hurt his whole life, he might as well find a new life partner.

What you have to do now is to strengthen your conviction: he will be happier than him!