Soon after receiving that mobile phone message,The shemale stage show is over。

However, in view of the arrival of Qiao Tianyu today, it has brought such a rich income to the show.,The show manager is about to take off with joy。
So when the shemale stage show closed,The show manager happily let all the demons line up on the stage,Warmly invite Qiao Tianyu on stage to accept the courtesy of the ladyboys and the cheers of the audience。
First0434chapter Not ashamed
And this is naturally what Qiao Tianyu can’t ask for!
But at this time, Qiao Tianyu still keeps his expression,Pretend to be still immersed in the passion of shemale performance,Jump on the stage with great interest,Warmly shook hands with all the demon actors present。
Finally, the show manager led Qiao Tianyu to the microphone in the center of the stage,I wanted Qiao Tianyu to praise them,And this also hit Qiao Tianyu’s arms。
No one would have thought that just this time,Qiao Tianyu unexpectedly threw a heavyweight**!
“Friends,Hello everyone,I am Qiao Tianyu,I believe many people here know me,So I won’t introduce myself too much。”Qiao Tianyu said into the microphone。
“Today I am very happy to be here in Bangkok, Thailand,Have the opportunity to come to the Crupso show that I have been fascinated for a long time,Watched such a splendid shemale show。”
“I am very happy to tell everyone that in order to watch this shemale show,Today my 20,000-kilometer trek is definitely worth it!”
At first, Qiao Tianyu said a few words of courtesy symbolically,But at this point,Qiao Tianyu’s conversation suddenly changed,Threw a heavyweight**。
“I was thinking when watching the big show just now,The shemale show is so wonderful,I also like it very much,Is there any way I can watch it anytime and anywhere?”
“Then I changed my mind,It’s not easy to watch the shemale show anytime, anywhere,I just buy Crupso’s big show and it will be over?What a big deal,is not it?Hahaha.”
“Wow!Buy Crupso Big Show?”
“real or fake?Qiao Tianyu wants to buy Crupso?”
“Heavy news!Important news!Qiao Tianyu wants to buy Crupso!”
“I said Qiao Tianyu must have come prepared today!”