2015 Chilean America Cup Bolivia National Team Division latest 30-man big list (picture)_1

2015 Chilean America Cup Bolivia National Team’s latest 30-man big list (photo)
Bolivia coach Soriaria announced the team’s 30-man roster for the Chilean America’s Cup, and each team will report the final 23-man roster this Friday.  In addition, Bolivia also allows fans to look forward to more than the former Cruzeiro shooter, now playing in the Super League Changchun Yatai striker Marcelo Moreno, he is expected to become Shandong Luneng Brazil striker Tardelli, anotherSuper League players who participated in this America’s Cup match.Due to the recent serious injury of 34-year-old captain Ronald Lardes, coach Soria is likely to serve Moreno as the team’s new captain during the Copa America.In the nine rounds of the Super League, Morello has played 8 times on behalf of Yatai, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists.In addition, Moreno has scored 12 goals for the national team, Bolivia fans are looking forward to his continued goal, close to Bolivia’s history scored 20 goals for the national team Joaquin Botero.(Little Brother Li) A small part of the 2015 Chilean American Cup schedule. The 2015 America’s Cup Bolivia National Team 30-man list: 2015 America’s Cup Bolivia National Team 30-man list: Goalkeeper: Quinones (Bolivar), rainGou-Suarez (Bangal Sports Association), Penareta (Oriental Petroleum Sports) guards: Bejarano (Panatolicos), Hurtado (Bangal Sports Association), Ramiro (Sucre)University)), Bejarano (Oliente), Morales (State Sports Association), Caberella (the strongest), Edmir Rodriguez (Bolivar),Egino (Bolivar), Centeno (George Wilstelman), Coimbra (Bandard Sports Association), Lardes (Oliente) Midfielder: Bejarano (Oliente), Melga (the strongest), Miranda (Bolivar), Alejandro (Oliente), Gamara (Milan), Lizio (Oshikin)), Martin (Gothenburg), Chumarcello (the strongest), Campos (Bolivar) strikers: Gustavo (San Martin), Alcides Pena (Oliente),Rodriguez Lamayor (the strongest), Juan Carlos (Bolivar), Escobar (the strongest), Marcelo Moreno (Changchun Yatai), Pedril (Mersin) Group A opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America’s Cup Chile’s latest 26-man big list June 1st sunrise official list 2015 Chile America’s Cup Mexico’s latest 30-man big list (picture) 2015 Chile America’s Cup Ecuador National Team latest 30List of People’s Congress (picture)