The World Taiwan Federation mourns Ding Junhui’s mother-cultivated Ding deserves all respect _1

Ding Junhui’s mother commemorates the friendship between the Taiwan and the World: Ding deserves all respect
The news of Ding Junhui’s mother Chen Xijuan’s death due to illness was met by the entire snooker world. The official website of the World Taiwan Federation also wrote a special article to pay attention to this matter, and expressed condolences to Ding Junhui’s mother’s death.  The article pointed out that World Snooker and the World Professional Billiards League, heard that Ding Junhui’s 55-year-old mother Chen Xijuan died after fighting against cancer earlier this week. The World Taiwan Federation expressed condolences and salutes.  World Co-Chairman Ferguson outlined that at this sad moment, our heart is with Ding Junhui and his father and family. Chen Xijuan is a great, kind and friendly person. She witnessed Ding Junhui in the UK and China on the spotMany of the great victories she has achieved have been able to train players like Ding Junhui and to be a person. She should feel great honor. She and Ding Junhui’s father deserve all respect.  Ferguson also mentioned that when Ding Junhui returned to the tournament, I was sure that all golfers and officials would join him in consoling him.Due to his mother’s death, Ding Junhui no longer withdrew from this week’s German game, and next week’s prize game also withdrew. As for whether the Wales game next week will play, it is not yet finalized.  When it was discovered that Ding Junhui’s mother had passed away, billiard emperor Hendry and Rocket O’Sullivan expressed their condolences to Ding Junhui on social media. Former World Championship champion Dahdi also mentioned that he often tasted after training with Ding Junhui.The food made by Ding Junhui’s mother also expressed condolences to the death of the attachment: May she rest in peace.Grief!She is a kind woman