2014 World Cup Cameroon VS Croatia score prediction Historical record analysis who will win _1

2014 World Cup Cameroon VS Croatia score prediction Historical record analysis who will win
Cameroon VS Croatia score prediction analysis June 19, 2014 update Cameroon VS Croatia game results: Cameroon 0-4 Croatia 2014 World Cup Cameroon VS Croatia who will win?  In the World Cup group match, Croatia is about to usher in the second opponent of the group stage, Cameroon. In the first game, Croatia lost to Brazil 1:3, and Cameroon also lost to Mexico 1:0, so both Croatia and Cameroon will try their best to win this game., Whoever loses will be eliminated in the group stage!What worries the African Lions is that their captain and top star Eto’o also reported news of injury.This week Eto’o has personally admitted that he will not be able to participate in the second round of the World Cup group match against Croatia due to a right knee injury.2014世界杯喀麦隆VS克罗地亚比分预测 历史战绩分析谁会赢2014世界杯小组赛第二轮喀麦隆VS克罗地亚谁会赢2014世界杯喀麦隆与克罗地亚球队阵容对比2014巴西世界杯喀麦隆国家队阵容 最新23人大名单(图)2014世界杯克罗地亚国家队阵容 最新23人大名单(图)喀麦隆VS克罗地亚两队首发阵容预测喀麦隆(4-5-1)门将:16-伊坦杰后卫:2-埃克托,14-谢鲁,3-Nkuru, 4-Deigu midfielder: 13-Chupomotin, 18-Enno, 6-Alexander?Song, 17-Mbia, 8 Mukangyo Forward: 9-Eto’o (C) Croatia (4-2-3-1) Goalkeeper: 1-Pletikosa Guard: 2-Fozarico,6-Lovren, 5-Joel Luca, 11-Srna (C) midfielder: 7-Rakitic, 10-Modric midfielder: 18-Olic, 20-Kova西奇,4-佩里西奇前锋:17-曼祖基奇喀麦隆VS克罗地亚历史交锋战绩:两队无交战记录克罗地亚历届世界杯成绩  1998年克罗地亚第一次参加世界杯便打入四强,半决赛中Croatia lost to the final champion France 1-2, but then won the Netherlands 3-1 in the third place.In 2002, Croatia’s 1 win 2 losses group did not qualify, but they beat Italy 2-1.In the 2006 World Cup, Croatia lost to Brazil, even Japan and Australia failed to qualify.喀麦隆历届世界杯成绩  喀麦隆是非洲最成功的国家队之一,他们共7次晋级世界杯决赛圈(1982、1990、1994、1998、2002、2010、2014),比任何非洲国家都多,他们还是第一An African team that has reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup.Cameroon played for the World Cup for the first time in 1982. In Spain, the team’s group stage was three draws and three draws, including a 1-1 draw with the later champion Italy, but failed to qualify because of the low number of goals.In the three World Cups in 1994, 1998 and 2002, Cameroon also failed to advance from the group. In 1994, it also left a humiliating record of losing 1 to 6 to Russia and allowing Salenko to score 5 goals in a single game.Recommended reading: 2014 World Cup Netherlands vs Australia score prediction Historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup Spain VS Chile score prediction Historical record analysis who will win