Nourishing and expelling cold-Huaishan Red Date Chicken Rack Soup

Nourishing and expelling cold: Huaishan Red Date Chicken Rack Soup

In a blink of an eye, the calendar turned to the last page. Although the weather is still very warm and pleasant, the heavy snow is still coming at a constant pace.Count “Yingjie”.

Today I will introduce a spinach and mushroom mushroom bone soup that supplements calcium and bones, and nourishes blood. The soup from beef bones will have a stronger flavor than pork bones.Not greasy.


hzh {display: none; }  3~4人份  做法:  1. Wash the bones of the beef, chop them into sections, and scoop up the water for three or four minutes; 2.

Choose good spinach and wash; fresh hard mushrooms to the pedicure, wash, cross the mushroom surface; 菇 3.

Fans are softened with water, washed and picked up for later use; 4.

Wash the white pepper seeds, grass fruit and shallots, cut the shallots into long sections and put them in the soup bag together; 5,

Pour 8 bowls of water into the pot and bring to a boil. Add the beef bones and the soup bag with spices. Boil on the fire and turn to the heat for 2 hours. 6.

Add the mushrooms to the soup and cook, then roll the spinach 2?
Cook for 3 minutes, cook for 2 minutes and turn off the heat. Season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: calcium and bone, nourishing blood and deficiency.

  ● The Gourmet Science Academy often drinks bone soup in winter to drive the cold and nourish the colder weather in winter. For people who work all day, they can drink a bowl of fragrant bone soup at dinner, which not only satisfies the appetite and increases nutrition,And the tired spirit will be ironed and refreshed, which is really “good value for money”.

  For Cantonese, pork bones, chicken bones are commonly used for bone-boiled soup. In fact, beef bones, sheep bones, and duck bones are also good raw materials for bone soups, especially beef bones and sheep bones. It is very beneficial to eat cold tonic in winter.

Bone soup can be mixed with the right amount of ingredients, such as lotus root, kelp, white radish, soy beans, etc. If the soup is cooked into a broth, use the bone soup alone. After the soup is finished, strain it slightly, remove the bones, add vegetables, and putAdd the fans, Chinese cabbage, black fungus, etc., and add the appropriate amount of salt to season, it is a delicious and delicious bowl of soup and vegetables.

  If the taste is heavy, you can also add various spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cumin, peppercorns, aniseed, onions, ginger, etc. Slowly simmer with the bones, add some rice wine to add flavor, two or threeAfter the soup is finished in the evening, skimming the oil slick, the bone soup so boiled is tender, rich in nutrition, clear and transparent, and sprinkled with white pepper and salt, the taste is very delicious.

The endless bone soup can also be used to cook noodles, ravioli, which is a good soup.

  Here are a few home-made bone soups that are often consumed in winter to relieve cold and nourish: 500 grams of pork ribs and lotus root soup, 500 grams of lotus root.

Wash and cut the ribs and pick up the water; wash the lotus root and cut into pieces; put an appropriate amount of water in the clay pot and boil, add the ribs and lotus root, drip into the vinegar, boil on high heat, turn to the heat and cook for one and a half hours, and saltSeasoned to eat.

  Radish and bone soup soup with bone (pigs, cattle can be) 700 grams, white radish 500 grams, fresh mushrooms 200 grams, 3 slices of ginger, coriander amount.

Wash the chopped bones and chop them into pieces, and pick them up with water; wash the white radish, peel and cut the hob block, wash the fresh mushrooms, remove the cilantro, and cut the coriander into pieces; put an appropriate amount of water in the clay pot and boil, and put in the sticksBoil the ginger slices over high heat, cook in a simmer for an hour, boil white radish and mushrooms for another hour, season with salt and white pepper, and sprinkle in coriander.

  Huaishan Red Date Chicken Stand Soup Chicken Stand 1-2, fresh Huaishan 400g, 4 red dates, 3 ginger.

The chicken rack was soaked with water to remove blood, and picked up and washed; fresh Huaishan was washed and peeled, cut into pieces, and the red dates were washed to remove the kernels; pour an appropriate amount of water into a clay pot and boil, put in the chicken rack, and the red dates and ginger slices were boiled on high heat, Turn to a low heat for an hour, then cook in Huaishan for 40 minutes, season with salt to taste.

  ● Liangtang Xinshui selected steak bone this time. The soup is not too greasy. If you use beef stick bone, it is best to skim the oil and cook the spinach fans.