Grimace Yoga, a must-have recipe for trendy women

Grimace Yoga, a must-have recipe for trendy women

The wind of yoga fitness has been blowing for several years, and a large number of white-collar workers are keen to stretch out at the yoga club after work to relax the body and nervous nerves.

The body is relaxed, but the flexible wrinkles will not disappear.

Therefore, some people have developed a set of facial yoga techniques to exercise skin muscles and reduce wrinkles by doing various exaggerated facial expressions.

It is said to be quite effective, and got a cute name “Grimace Yoga”.

  Facial yoga, also known as grimace yoga, is the latest weapon against the marks of time.

This yoga technique requires maximal stretching of facial muscles to relieve stress and prevent wrinkles.

“And pinching my neck and so on.

  These actions can strengthen and soothe all 57 muscles of the face, some and the scalp.

When the muscles are soothed, they return to their normal position.

When the muscles are strengthened, you will find that the muscles of the two toes have improved, the nose is stiffer, the eyes have become larger, the corners of the mouth have started to rise, and the wrinkles have subsided.