The elderly daily attention matters Daquan seven taboos

The elderly daily attention matters Daquan seven taboos

Avoid over-the-neck: The elderly are often willing to sit on the sofa watching TV and talking with people. The time is long and easy to press the catheter artery to make the blood flow poor, easy to feel dizzy, nausea, and even get half-length.

Avoid suddenly turning back: the old man walks on the street, often encounters an acquaintance call or hears an abnormal sound, and it is easy to slam the sleeves and turn back.

However, because the elderly have bone hyperplasia, the neck bone is very easy to oppress the blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head, and the eyes fall black.

Avoid the tight belt: the old man’s belt is best to use elastic band, otherwise the belt is too tight, easy to make the lower body blood flow, especially the anus, because of more capillaries, blood supply is not easy to get hemorrhoids.

Avoid talking fast: the elderly do not have to speak loudly, the frequency is too fast.

Stable emotions should be maintained, otherwise it will easily increase blood pressure and increase the burden on the heart.

Avoid eating too fast: Some older people still keep eating habits when they are young. Don’t forget that food needs to be chewed to help digestion, and it is easy to eat.

Avoid standing and wearing pants: the old man standing wearing pants, this is very dangerous.

Because the bones of the old people have been loose, once the station is unstable, the consequences are very bad.

Avoid forced bowel movements: the elderly often have constipation.

Defecation should be done on time, when the bowel movements are not smooth, the medicine should be repeated, and the stool should not be hard.

Because people tend to increase blood pressure during defecation, excessive force, fainting shock and even cerebral hemorrhage, and even life-threatening.