Chen Geng said nothing,But raised eyebrows,Motion to Anthony·Fokker continued。

“Set up a new generation in ChinaF28Assembly plant?no problem,But we absolutely cannot accept your monopoly on the China market……”
“Mr. Fokker,When did I talk about setting up an assembly plant in China?”Not waiting for Anthony·Fokker finished,Chen Geng interrupted him,It’s not that Chen Geng is not polite,But this guy actually misunderstood his meaning on purpose,It’s an unforgivable sin:“If you look at our previous meeting memo,It should be clearly written on it,I request that this aircraft factory established in China is a company with independent legal personality,In addition to the Fokker company authorized this company to produce a new generationF28Outside the plane,If there is ample capacity,It can also produce a new generation of OEM for FokkerF28……Could it be that I remembered wrong?”
Assembly factories and independent companies with independent legal personality,The difference between the two is big,Chen Geng didn’t expect it to be for this purpose,Anthony·Fokker is still playing with himself。
But Anthony·Fokker is not embarrassed at all,He turned his head blankly to look at the assistant next to him:“Is that so?”
The assistant perfectly played the role of Back Pot Man,He quickly took out the last meeting memo and looked through it,Then he whispered to Anthony with a shame on his face·Fokker says:“Yes, sir,This is indeed what Mr. Fernandez requested last time.。”
Anthony·Fokker gave his assistant angrily,Whispered:“Pay attention later!”
Scolded the assistant,Anthony·Fokker said slowly:“Authorized production……Mr. Fernandez,Not totally impossible。”
“First of all,Fokker Aircraft must take a stake in this company,”After Chen Geng said that the Chinese government prohibits wholly foreign-owned enterprises from appearing、Only allow joint ventures,And Chinese capital must have occupied50%After,He wisely gave up the requirement of controlling shares:“But in order to guarantee the interests of Fokker,I request that you must cover for the benefit of Fokker。”
Chen Geng blinked,Some do not understand:“Serving the interests of Fokker……What do you mean?”
“For example, when the following situations occur,You are responsible for compensation for the loss of Fokker。”
Chen Geng did not agree,Did not disagree:“You talk about it first。”
“The first,The company is profitable,Fokker failed to get its due dividends,Then you have to make up for the loss of Fokker。”
Chen Geng pondered,Said:“such,If the Chinese side does not have sufficient、Credible、If there is a persuasive reason,As a result, Fokker failed to get the dividends it deserved,I will take care of your loss。”
This is also normal,What if the company decides to use the previous year’s dividends to expand its production scale??Should I be responsible for your dividends??Only in China“black”In the case of the dividends you deserve,I’m responsible for putting it in your pocket。
To this,Anthony·Of course Fokker has no objection,He didn’t expect other situations,Nod immediately:“OK,”A little bit,He continued:“The second,If there is a policy change on the Chinese side that causes a major investment loss in Fokker aircraft,You are responsible for helping Fokker。”
Chen Geng frowned and thought about it,Just said uncertainly:“what do you mean,If the Chinese government lowers the price for some reason、Or directly forcibly occupy Fokker’s shares in the form of confiscation?”