DO & DON’T_1 for summer and autumn skin care

DO & DON’T for summer and autumn skin care

The time is always in the blink of an eye, and it turns to the next season.
We are still immersed in the heat of summer, only to open the calendar to find that it is now autumn.
In the late summer season, the weather still seems sultry, but the night has become a lot cooler, and some faint breath is telling us that the season has changed.
So, what problems should we pay attention to in skin care in late summer?
What are we supposed to do, and what are we not to do?
.hzh {display: none; }  Do缩减防晒压力  到了秋天,阳光威力稍微缓和,没有做好防晒,仍有可能不小心晒黑或晒伤,除了持续夏天坚持出门前必擦的防晒外,若不是户外For activities, you may wish to adjust the sun protection factor to reduce the burden on the skin. Do not allow too many chemical sunscreens to cause irritation in unstable autumn, or block physical pores with physical ingredients. The basic protective power of SPF15 ~ 30 is sufficient.Whether the sunscreen has oil control effect, if it is medium-dry and easy to dry itchy skin, you can change to a sunscreen lotion, taking into account the moisturizing and protective power.
  Don’t急着更换保养品  换季就像出国,气候的转变使肌肤瞬间就像生气的孩子一发不可收拾,但经验告诉我们,此时更不能随便更换习惯使用的保养品,以免肌肤还要The best way to re-adapt the new ingredients is to simplify the original maintenance procedures, such as exfoliating to once every two weeks, or temporarily discontinuing maintenance products containing high concentrations of fruit acid and salicylic acid; pay special attention to correcting past maintenanceImproper maintenance habits, such as applying a mask overnight, washing your face without rubbing care products, and washing your face without removing makeup, may damage the skin’s defense line overnight; those who are prone to dryness and peeling during the season change can start fromThe lotion began to be replaced with a cream. The essence is focused on high functionality, not a strong moisturizing feeling, and can be retained according to personal maintenance needs.
  Do wash your face well, Gu fundamentally knows how to wash your face. It has always been a science. When the season is dry and itchy, how to wash your face and test everyone’s correct way of washing your face!
Dermatologists suggest that if you have dry and peeling skin, it is best to avoid face wash products with excessive detergency, and choose face wash products such as amino surfactants. If you do not have a budget to replace your face wash products, you may wish to change your face washing habits.Try to let the facial cleanser foam on the hands before washing the face to slow down the irritation of the lotion. The thick foam at the same time reduces the friction between the hands and the skin, making the face washing as comfortable as doing SPA. Each time you wash your face, the gestures should be gentler.Intensify the massage only for the T-shaped part that is easy to get out of the oil, and the cheeks that are prone to itching just need to be passed.
  Don’t美白护理急救章  经过一整个夏季烈阳的摧残,肌肤难免深了一号,秋美白成了一般人保养重点,但进入湿度与温度都下降的秋季,美白前应先踩刹车,若是肌肤When sunburn, severe acne, susceptibility to fragility, or oil-water imbalance, you should not immediately go into whitening maintenance.
  It is recommended to calm the discomfort first, soothing the spray to reduce the inflammatory reaction. In addition to simple moisturizing, do not do too many maintenance procedures. When spraying the spray needs to be patted, do not use excessive force to cause skin irritation again. Wait for the skin to return to a stable state.After that, use whitening skin care products to avoid overactive melanin pigments, which will cause pigmentation and affect the whitening effect.
  Do舒缓保湿,防御力升级  当肌肤发生状况闹脾气,就是一种发炎反应,在补水之前,需先安抚镇定,隔绝引发敏感的刺激源,La Roche Posay实验室解释敏感是一种临床症状加自我Perceived phenomena include tightness, itching, burning, redness and irritation, so they can be divided into atopic dermatitis, vascular neuropathy, environmental irritation, and contact sensitivity. Knowing the causes of skin sensitivity can only be prescribed.For sensitive to environmental stimuli caused by hot and cold or sudden climate change, it is best to be in a comfortable and ventilated room, avoid excessive cleaning, do effective moisturizing throughout the year, and intensive care with a moisturizing mask regularly to improve the natural moisture barrier of the stratum corneum cell gap.Extra skin defense!
  Don’t以舒敏产品照顾任何肤质  换季时阴晴不定、忽热忽冷的气候,使与外界接触最密切的肌肤难以适应调节,敏感肌肤容易引发干燥、紧绷、发痒情形,舒Sensitive skin care products can solve the current discomfort and relieve the irritation to the skin.
But this does not mean entering the season of dry skin. Everyone must pull the alarm and put on soothing skin care products, because when you do the full maintenance on weekdays, the skin is highly defensive enough to resist external stimuli, you can still use this timeArrange high-performance maintenance, especially soothing care products with repair and soothing as the mainstay of maintenance, high concentration, pure ingredients, leading precious formulas can not be added to it, the maintenance expectations are different, dermatologists suggest that, based on personal past maintenance history, observationDaily skin changes, maintenance does not need to follow the trend, to achieve a balance between goals and needs, is the right way to change seasons maintenance.
  Do集中保养,补足体力  你一定不相信,季节转换打带跑混仗中,正是为肌肤补充体力,密集保养的最好时机,保养品牌推出的安瓶式保养,锁定三周或一个月的Rejuvenating, nourishing, repairing and lifting treatments are most suitable.
Therefore, when the skin is in poor physical condition, but there are no major illnesses, the package design is compact, does not need to add too many preservatives, the formula is stable, the maintenance ingredients are pure and concentrated, and the ampoule is of high nutritional value, just like a nutrition injection, Fast and efficient maintenance!
However, if it is a whitening ampoule, please test it on the inside of the elbow before use to see if it is irritating or avoid the more irritating acids such as pure L-C and A acid derivatives such as A aldehyde and A ester., Make skin repair first, and then stabilize the skin condition, then perform whitening ampoule care.