“fart!Who’s getting along with him!Go dead!I don’t like Xiaobaiface!Sleep with Lu Menglin!”Zhong Liying chuckled。

Quilt,This fierce girl just sat up,Scared the boys again。
Okay,She is neatly dressed,Turned out to be sleeping together。
“I came back this morning。The leader is in the bar singing and selling Three Kingdoms!Can’t get in the female dormitory,Come to your dorm and squint for a while。Have an exam later,I’m leaving now!”Talk about it,Zhong Liying floats away,Wave the sleeves,Not take away a cloud。
402The four people in the dormitory were dumbfounded for a long time,Only then finally recovered。
“This girl doesn’t treat herself as an outsider too?”Lu Menglin lay on the bedside,Dumbfounding。
“I still think she must have a leg with the leader,Otherwise, why won’t you go to my bed?,I want to sleep with the leader!”Zhu Xiaoguang is indignant。
“She just said she wanted to sleep with Brother Lu!”Liu Taosheng laughed。
“Leave him alone!Let’s think about the exam?Who finished reading the book?”Zhang Bo smiled bitterly。
Everyone shook their heads,As for the one who hasn’t come back yet,Not to mention。
“Did things go well in Korea??”Zhang Bo asked again。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Reluctantly!Not particularly smooth。Forget it,Take the exam first!”
“Ok!Wait until the exam is over,Gather together in our dormitory,Just report to you。”Zhang Bo showed a rather proud expression,Said with a smile。
Ever since,402The brothers and sisters in the dormitory decided to go to the examination room together,We all share weal and woe。
Into the class examination room,Sit down by seat number,Prepare for a test。
“Oh my god!How can this semester pass in the blink of an eye?,I haven’t reacted yet,Final exam!”
“Dead,Dead this time!I don’t know which teacher is our supervisor,If only you can raise your hands high。”
“It’s impossible to raise your hand,Open one eye,Close one eye is almost the same。”