In an instant,He was a very weak guy,Turned into a huge figure,Like a shadow under a black robe,Terrifying。

He is already familiar with vitality,So the various methods of asking the gods have no effect on it,This is the current situation。
How to do?
Those dark red lights can actually make this deep sea of air and universe riddled with holes,The old city owner who is on the verge of collapse is in pain**。
Uncontrollable forces burst out involuntarily,Xia Chenglong, who is still trying his best to save, is directly forced away。
Loose hair,The robe dances freely in the surge of vitality,Head back,The black qi in the seven orifices spreads outward。
“not good!”
There is no way to force those things out of the Qihai universe,It irritated them,As a result, under infinite reproduction, occupying the Qihai universe of the old city lord,I’m afraid it’s invaded the whole body again。
The Old City Lord roared again,With a hideous face,In all cases,I have lost my ability to control myself。
The swords around came towards Xia Chenglong under the consciousness of Old City Lord,As the only living person here,Naturally became the target of the other party。
With the help of“Lightning Walk”Fast-moving,Can dodge those swords that have strong attack power,Xia Chenglong has been trying to find opportunities,Want to control the old city lord again。
It’s just that the Old City Lord is controlled by that dark matter,His own fighting consciousness is still terrifying,Xia Chenglong didn’t have a chance at all,unless……
Can’t wait any longer,If you don’t make another move,Wait for the old city owner to completely lose his heart,Then there is no way to save it。
The power of the middle level asked the gods completely broke out,The Xuantian Sword appeared in his hand impressively,Did not use any martial arts,Sweep away with the instinct of Xiaotianjian。
Bursts of fire,The swords that were able to stay with him before were cut off.。
Attack,The old town owner who hangs above the magma waved with one hand,The swords that were severed once again returned to the opponent。