Don’t mess around with constipation diet!

Don’t mess around with constipation diet!

Some people say that I do n’t stop eating fruits, and people who get oily rarely touch the fire. Why do they poop?

Some people also say that the laxative food radish and celery in Chinese medicine I eat every day, why can’t I get constipated?

Therefore, many experts in the “Life Times” have suggested that there are many misunderstandings about constipation diet.

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating more radishes can be laxative. “In fact, this is a very common misunderstanding in constipation diet.

“Jiang Liangduo, a professor of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, points out that constipation can be divided into many types, such as heat confidence caused by internal heat and fire, spleen and kidney deficiency, and fluid deficiency.

  In middle-aged and elderly people, the proportion of deficiency is very large.

In layman’s terms, the turbine is underpowered.

“White radish has the effect of digesting and degassing. Swelling gas constipation does work.

However, for middle-aged and elderly people, the qi is insufficient, and if diarrhea is reduced, constipation becomes even worse.

Jiang Liangduo said.

  Mistake area two: It is estimated that you should eat more fiber. “Supplement of fiber can indeed relieve constipation, but it can also cause bloating and abdominal pain, which can cause dysfunction and cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Song Xin, a nutritionist in the Nutrition Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, told reporters.

“Not all foods that are expected to precipitate fiber have a laxative effect. Sometimes yam, which is too warm, eats more and worsens constipation.

Jiang Liangduo added.