See how this day is spent for white-collar workers?

See how this day is spent for white-collar workers?

The day of a white-collar worker always starts and ends in a busy day.

They receive high salaries but are not rich in time. To maintain their bodies in a fast-paced life, they must start with the details of life.

  Before work: Japanese scholars believe that the fruit should be eaten with the sun, the fruit is gold in the morning, silver at noon, and copper at night.

Essential carbohydrates, various trace elements and vitamins and other organic acids, cellulose, and pectin in fruits can not only improve constipation, but also improve digestion, soften blood vessels, improve myocardial function, and treat complications such as hypertension and high cholesterol.effect.

  At work: Beware of computer syndrome. Computers are the most intimate working partners of white-collar workers, but long-term use of computers can easily cause computer syndrome. Its main symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, eye fatigue, limb pain, and insomnia; women may experienceMenstruation extended.

In order to avoid the occurrence of computer syndrome, you should pay attention to changing the white-collar workers who work with computers: 1. Do not tilt your head excessively when operating the computer; 2. Select an adjustable seat with a backrest to keep yourself in the most coordinated position;For the time being, work requires simple physical activities, especially limbs and intervention.

And because white-collar workers receive short sun exposure and little activity, they lack vitamin D in the body, which can easily cause bone softening. They should eat cod liver oil, eggs and other vitamin D foods;Maintains white-collar eyesight that can easily drop.

  After work: staying up late to eat meals and not eating porridge is too much work, you need to work overtime to drive the night or because of high work pressure, you can open up with your friends until late at night, it is necessary to eat late-night, you should choose easy-digestible, large amountAnd supplemented with vitamins and protein foods.

Most people like to eat porridge at midnight, because people think it is easy to digest. In fact, otherwise, during chewing, you can try to secrete saliva. The enzymes in saliva are one of the main ten thousandths of digested food.Most people who eat porridge do not chew attentively, and therefore do not produce enough enzymes.

In addition, due to the large amount of porridge, the stomach swells and the peristaltic speed slows down, which can easily lead to gastric sagging.

Therefore, eating porridge is extremely detrimental to white-collar workers who have a history of stomach problems and are prone to stomach problems.

In addition, porridge and dried rice of the same volume provide a lower volume than dried rice, so eating a lot of porridge is difficult to digest and long-term consumption causes malnutrition.

  The “schedule” of daily exercise White-collar workers understand the importance of exercise, but white-collar workers have “no time” to exercise.

  It has been observed that white-collar workers in the 20- to 30-year-old range have poorer exercise consciousness than the 30- to 40-year-old group.

The 30-year-old and 40-year-old male white-collar exercise methods are mainly “card indoor” exercise (mostly swimming) or plasma such as golf.

  Women’s white-collar workers have a stronger sense of exercise than men’s white-collar workers, but subconsciously for slim body.

Female white-collar workers over the age of 30 began to feel helpless, and felt that exercise was important.

But exercise is “inadequate.”

  Here, we arrange such a “timetable” for white-collar workers, but also refer to it.

  A few clicks seven days a week, 24 hours a day, aerobic exercise cannot be overcome for 3-4 hours a week. In the case of political parties, after 6 pm every day, they should belong to themselves, and advise white-collar workers not to be proactive for money and for promotionOvertime.
In this way, the work plan can be achieved after 6 o’clock at least 2-3 days a week.

If you exercise, in fact exercise and eat first.

Even if you eat after exercise, you should not be full.

It’s “thanks to the belly” and can be restored at lunch the next day (not breakfast!


  The white-collar workers who often go out for meetings are actually the most flexible side. As long as they act alone rather than with the boss, the problem is easy to handle: wait half an hour before the radio, stay at the hotel in the evening, and half an hour before the meeting.

.   On weekends, sleep less than an hour, less exposure to TV, an hour on the Internet, and so on, and those two hours of exercise time will come out.

A European white-collar worker, who really has no time to exercise and feels that exercise is too important, just deducts his own domestic big white dingo at dinner every day.

Coincidentally, there is a large lawn behind the apartment where the dog runs.

  ”Exercise = eat, exercise = sleep”, advise white-collar workers to have such a consciousness.

Even exercise is more important than eating.

For example, on Saturdays and Sundays, we can eat one less meal, “clear the intestines and diseases”, and then exercise with that meal.

  Experts here, exercise is still good outdoors.

Oxygen, Vd, ultraviolet and other beneficial substances in the sun are incomparable with indoor card-holding exercises.

Although the income of our white-collar workers is not civilian, but we should not let ourselves be “noble” too during exercise, climbing, running, doing exercises, Taijiquan, etc. It is best to adapt to local conditions.