“Sell airplanes?”Jack·Welch is a bit square:What’s the relationship between selling planes and your generous free plane delivery??

“But my company, after all, is an aircraft manufacturer from China,Everyone’s opinion on the quality of this aircraft、Word of mouth must have doubts,Even if this aircraft passes the FAA’sFAR23Same with certification,If you follow the normal sales model,I’m afraid I can’t sell a few in the U.S. market a year。
But if we change our thinking,First give the plane free to those who can afford to raise such a plane,Then make money through after-sales service?”
Jack·Welch couldn’t say a word:Fucking!The business can still do this?!
Think again,Jack·Welch has an urge to kneel:Free、A plane that doesn’t require money at all,who does not like?Who doesn’t want?After receiving the plane,Whether it’s modified as your own private jet,Or as a tool aircraft,Or you can make money with the aircraft leasing company,Or even sell it directly,It’s all a fortune、Even assets that might help you make money。
Jack·Welch is sure,when“The top ten outstanding dealers will receive an aircraft as a reward”After the news of cannot be selected,AMCas well asJEEPDealers will be desperate、I tried my best to sell more cars,To get a free airplane as a reward。
But for Fernandez·Mr. Chen,The plane is free,The maintenance and maintenance afterwards will not be free,Airplanes are different from cars,Like an overhaul、Daily maintenance, these things can be solved by yourself,These jobs can only be done by fairly professional people……For Mr. Fernandez,As long as he can send the plane out,It is equivalent to having a stable financial source。
How did the boss’ brain grow??!
Jack who figured out all this in a very short time·Welch,For own boss,Besides admiring,Only admire。Actually, Jack is not to blame·Welch can’t turn his mind,It’s true that no aircraft manufacturer has ever played like this before:An airplane can easily cost tens of millions of dollars,You say give it away?
And to be honest,Even if you want to make money in the after-sales business,Want to pay back,Also need a relatively long period,If there is not a strong enough boss,General companies really can’t afford this kind of local tyrant game。But as an excellent、And is a professional manager who can get dividends,Of course you have to think about what the boss thinks、Anxious for the boss,After knowing the boss’ plan,He soon got an idea:“In this case……boss,I look back and think about it,Think about a better execution plan,In realizationAMCWhile win-win with your aircraft factory,It’s best to make your payback cycle as short as possible。”
Chen Geng vs. Jack·Welch is most satisfied with this,You give him a job,He can always accomplish beyond your imagination。He nodded in satisfaction:“it is good,Then it’s settled。”
Chen Geng is going to Holland?
Yes,He is going to Holland。
Watching Chen Geng and Rawls·Royce talks vividly,Seeing Rawls·Royce is about to have a large capital shortage,Fokker, whose financial situation has been poor, can no longer sit still,Took the initiative to invite Chen Geng,Hope to have further communication on the cooperation between the two parties。
As the economic situation in Europe continues to be bad、And there is no hope of getting better in the short term,Inside Fokker,For the development of a new generationF28The controversy over large regional jet airliners is gradually intensifying,The reason for the opposition is also very strong:In such a bad economic situation,Why should we take risks、Spend huge sums of money to develop a new generation ofF28What?
If the market needs,Big deal we are rightF28The avionics system is upgraded,Not only is the risk small、Less funds needed,And the effect is immediate;Or we can also learn from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas,willF28Lengthened fuselage to increase passenger capacity,It’s not more than spending huge sums of money to develop a new generation ofF28Much stronger?
“Food at home,Don’t panic”The truth,In fact, foreigners also understand。