Taboo details that should be paid attention to when taking Chinese medicine


Taboo details that should be paid attention to when taking Chinese medicine

[Introduction]It is speculated that whether or not the drug is taken, there are many details to be paid attention to when taking it.

Introduce you some details that need attention when taking Chinese medicine.

  1. Hazards of double dose taking or changing the interval of taking medicine. Doubling the dose or changing the interval of taking medicine may cause excessive dose of the medicine, which may easily cause liver and kidney damage.

There is a saying that “it’s a drug that is poisonous in three points.” This has some scientific reason. Most drugs need to be excreted in the liver and kidneys.

If a medicine is used for a long time and the dose is too large, it may cause liver and kidney damage.

There are also drugs with a narrow range of safe doses and strong toxic and side effects, such as digoxin, phenytoin, aminophylline, etc., doubled doses can cause severe drug poisoning and can be life-threatening.

If antihypertensive and hypoglycemic drugs are taken twice, it can lead to life-threatening hypotension and hypoglycemia.

  2. After meals, the medicines taken before meals should be taken according to the nature of the medicine.

  Taking diabetes medicines as an example, gliazetide, glipizide, gliquidone and other sulfonylurea hypoglycemic drugs must be taken 30 minutes before meals; acarbose (baitang apple) needs toMeals are taken at the same time; because of the irritation of the stomach, dimethylbisbase needs to be taken after meals.

Gastric mucosal protective agents (such as aluminum hydroxide), in order to form protective films, gastric prokinetic drugs (such as morpholine), in order to exert their efficacy, antibiotics (such as amoxicillin, cefradidin) in order to avoid the effect of eating on drug absorption,Take before meals.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, need to be taken after a meal because they are irritating to the stomach.

  3. Whether the drug can be opened or broken is the most common types of tablets, coated tablets, sustained-release tablets and controlled-release tablets.

Ordinary tablets can be taken apart or broken apart, and do not affect the efficacy.

Coated tablets are mainly drugs that have an earlier taste, a combination of bitter or off-flavors, or require dissolution in a specific environment, such as transformation. If taken openly, they will dissolve directly into the stomach and cannot reach the body safely.

This will always affect the normal functioning of the drug, and it will irritate the gastric mucosa, so it cannot be taken apart.

Sustained-release tablets and controlled-release tablets usually contain several times the amount of ordinary tablets. If they are taken openly, they will cause rapid release of the drug, and the concentration of the drug in the body will rise suddenly, causing drug poisoning.