Will you choose Chinese patent medicine for cough

Will you choose Chinese patent medicine for cough

The climate turned cold, and the number of patients with cough suddenly increased.

Many people are reluctant to use western medicine for cough, but prefer to take Chinese medicine for cough.

Although the two anti-tussive Chinese patent medicines sold on the market are marked with functions such as “cough relieving phlegm” and “relieving cough and relieving asthma”, since Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, it should be replaced by dialectics.To achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

  Wind cold cough is mostly caused by exogenous wind cold. This type of cough is characterized by heavy cough sound, thin white cough, chills, headache, nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose.

The patient’s tongue is white and often accompanied by fear of cold.

Should take warming cold phlegm and cough medicine, such as Xiaokechuan, Pinellia, Xingsu cough syrup, Guilong Kechuanning, Xiaoqinglong granules, Tongxuanlifei oral solution and so on.

  Wind-heat cough This cough is characterized by frequent cough, coughing, yellow, thick sputum, and difficult to cough, accompanied by fever, headache, sore throat, thirst, yellowish and thick nose.

The patient has red tongue and yellow tongue coating.

The heat-clearing and phlegm-relieving cough medicine should be used. Commonly used are Antelope Qingfei Powder, Shedan Chuanbei Liquid, Zhilu, Luo Han Guo Cough Cushion, Xianzhuli Oral Liquid, expectorant, acute branch syrup, and antitussive syrup.

  Wind dry cough This cough is characterized by dry cough without sputum, or sputum with little stickiness, difficult to cough, or bloodshot sputum, accompanied by dry throat, dry nose and lips.

Wind dryness and cough should use Qingfei dryness and Xuanfeixue medicine, such as Sydney cream, loquat leaf cream, Chuanbei Sydney syrup, Lingyang Qingfei pills, Xingsu Erchen pills and so on.

  Wet phlegm cough This kind of cough is mainly for frail elderly people. It is characterized by heavy cough, sputum is thick and sticky, and it is grayish white. It gets worse after eating sweet and greasy foods, accompanied by chest tightness, lack of food, tiredness, and diarrhea.
Lifei Jianpi, Ningke expectorants should be used, such as pinellia, pinellia pill, orange red phlegm and granules (oral solution, ointment), Erchen pill and so on.

People with phlegm ulcers can take ginseng toad pills, but cannot take Sydney cream, pear cream sugar, etc.

  This cough is characterized by a long, dry cough, short cough, or bloodshot sputum, often accompanied by red hot flushes in the afternoon, night sweats, and fatigue.

The patients with chronic cough and yin injury should use the medicines that promote lung yin, remove stubborn, Sheng fluid, and lower Qi, such as honey Lianchuanbei cream, Lily Gujin pills, Qiuli cream, Yangyin Qingfei cream and so on.

  Lung qi deficiency cough is more common in patients who are usually weak and insufficiency of lungs. The cough persists for a long time, the sputum is pale and thin, accompanied by asthma, weakness, spontaneous sweating, palpitations, and pale, pale tongue.The moss is thin and white, and the veins are weak.

Should be added to the lungs and Yiqi Gutab, spleen and kidney drugs, such as Guben Kechuan tablets, ginseng Baofei pills, Bufei pills, Lifei tablets and so on.

  Pay attention to the following points when applying Chinese patent medicine for cough: 1.

Do not use cough medicine blindly.

Cough is a protective reflex of the body. When there is sputum or foreign body in the respiratory tract, the body will expel it through the cough, so as to keep the respiratory tract clean and unobstructed.

Therefore, it is not necessary to use cough medicine for occasional mild cough.

However, if cough symptoms occur and blood pressure affects daily life, appropriate cough and expectorants should be replaced according to the symptoms.


Antibiotics are used for cough caused by infectious diseases.

Cough is just a symptom. For cough caused by infectious diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.), cough medicine is a cure for the symptoms and not the root cause, and antibiotics must be used at the same time to obtain better treatment results.

If the symptoms do not improve after you choose the proprietary Chinese medicine, you must seek medical treatment in time to avoid delay.


Do not despise cough with other severe symptoms.

Clinically, there are some serious heart and lung diseases accompanied by cough, such as pleurisy, spontaneous pneumothorax, tuberculosis, intravenous injection, heart failure, etc. These diseases should be seen early in the hospital.


The elderly cough and pay attention to sputum.

Elderly people take antitussives when they have a cough with high blood pressure. Sometimes the cough stops, but sputum often brings danger to the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly should use some expectorant cough medicine and drink plenty of water instead of sputum.


Cough medicines should not be used arbitrarily for infants and young children.

Infants and young children’s respiratory systems are not yet mature, and cough reflexes are poor. Improper use of cough medicines can cause hypoxia or accidents in children. Therefore, it is best to use cough medicines under the guidance of a doctor.