“Forget it,Forget it!I’m kidding!No need to pay back,I didn’t spend this money,It’s just investment,Maybe there will be more money in the future。How about this,You also opened my eyes,Such a small one too old,It’s not enough,What’s the use??”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。

What he said,Master Bacha’s expression suddenly became a lot easier。
“You kid,So I’m waiting for poor nuns here!you do not say,I will also show you the magical effect of this Tai Sui mother。”
“Tai Sui Mother?Isn’t chalcedony too old??”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
Master Bacha shook his head too,Disdainful:“Those ordinary people don’t understand anything,Random arrangement,There is no chalcedony too old in the world?They use jade to hold Tai Sui,Wrong from the beginning。”
“how to say?”Lu Menglin was surprised,Asked surprised。
The Eight Car Division is too proud:“You will know。”
Talk about it,Master Bacha took the nail-sized Tai Sui out of the jade box,I threw it into the kettle that I had prepared long ago。
Next,The behavior of Master Bacha directly scared Lu Menglin.。
Because the old nun actually plugged the kettle in,This was originally a kettle,After power up,Rapid heating。
“Isn’t it?You want to cook and eat?Will the white water boil the taste a little bit weaker??”Lu Menglin grieved。
“Cook your head!Bring that potted flower over。”Master Bacha told me too。
Lu Menglin Yiyan,A few steps forward quickly,Moved a pot of jasmine near the roof。
Old nun put palms together,Bow to the potted flower,Have words in your mouth。
Finished talking,The water in the pot is boiling,Steaming,Sizzle。
The old nun took off the kettle,Open the lid,Pouring on the pot of jasmine。
Pour this pot of boiling water,The pot of jasmine immediately seemed to be beaten by frost,Vitality。
Lu Menglin frowned,He didn’t understand at first,Why is the old nun so cruel suddenly,I want to scald the jasmine flowers。
but,He quickly discovered the clue。
While pouring a pot of boiling water,That Tai Sui meat also fell on the flower branch,only,Tai Sui meat after being cooked,Has changed from bottle cap size to nail cap size。