“Beautiful swordsman,Ming Zhen Shen City,Of course I know!But then I was just a kid,I recognize you,You don’t recognize me。”Mi Xiaochong’s slightly regretful chat。

“That’s all a long time ago!My sword is far from fast,Have you seen Brother Wu Hao make a knife?,I know what is fast!”Huang Shaotian squeezes his mouth,Said with a smile。
Seeing her three words without leaving Brother Wuhao,Mi Xiaochong desperately,Can only go along。
in fact,They met a long time ago,Just as Mi Xiaochong said,In the eyes of the beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian,How can you remember a little kid。
but,Mi Xiaochong remembers clearly,The scene at that meeting,Every detail,It’s all vivid,Smile at her,Keep in mind。
It’s a pity that it’s due to the relationship of identity,He can’t say too much,I can only silently regret。
The two chatted with each other,Not far away,Gao Dajin and Yusheng,Yan Shoutong and the three of them watched their conversation calmly。
“Master and Miss Huang seem to have a good relationship。”Yusheng suddenly sighed inexplicably。
Gao Dajin shrugged,Lowered his voice and laughed:“Useless!Everyone is here,Can’t it be seen yet,A heart of girl yellow,It’s already attached to Master Wu Hao。”
“The Lord is still a teenager,Admiring beautiful women,It’s nature,As for emotional gains and losses,Let’s be an experience!”Strictly Shou Tong nodded,Said solemnly。
“You’re a butcher,Still know what love is?Go! Go! Go,Stay aside!”Gao Dajin waved his hand impatiently,Xundao。
Yan Shou Tong shook his fleshy head,Showing a silly face:“Butchers have also experienced spring!”
“Just you!Even if a woman is willing to spend the night with you,Don’t you have Yuyuan for others?Isn’t it used animal meat to cover the overnight fee?!”Gao Dajin sneered unceremoniously。
I don’t know how to strictly guard the copper and laugh,Actually nodded seriously,Said:“Had,Loved!I still remember her look,She said I have melancholy eyes,Sorrowful root,Magical knife,And the glass of spirits on the chopping board,Betrayed me completely!I,By no means an ordinary butcher.”