Yoga weight loss exercise makes you lose weight in five minutes

Yoga weight loss exercise makes you lose weight in five minutes

Many fat girls are always frustrated and have no time to exercise.

In fact, wanting to exercise is very simple. You don’t need to run many laps around the guide. You just need to spend five minutes in bed to do it.

Try the following healthy weight loss exercises, you can lose weight while lying down!

  Function: It is a simple action to relieve stress and reduce back pain. It is similar to the baby style of yoga. The body is completely relaxed, the hips are pressed against the thighs, and both hands are stretched forward to drive the body completely and completely.

  Function: Relax the shoulders and relieve the pain of women’s diseases. It is very similar to the cat style of yoga. Imagine that you are a kitten kneeling on the bed, the pelvis is raised, the posture position is unchanged, and your hands are used to push your body forward until your chest is pressed against the bed.

  Function: Align the lower abdomen and the beautiful back, prone, support with both hands, support the upper body with the strength of the abdominal muscles, feel the spine segments bend backward, a little like the cobra style of yoga, some do not need to lean back.

  Function: Flexible scapula muscles kneel on the feet, flatten the right hand to the left against the bed surface, and the upper body rotates and points, which can moderately twist the spine and extend the upper tibia and scapula.

  Function: Relax the lumbar vertebra, lie on your back, keep your upper body close to the bed, your right leg crossed to the left, your right hand, your head turned to the right, your eyes look at your right palm. This kind of movement is often done, and your back will not be sprained.

Function: Relax the shoulder and neck and lay down with both hands, put your body on the back, push the back of the chest, and support your head against the bed. The person sitting continuously can use this action to improve the discomfort of the shoulder and neck.

  Function: Lying on one side and waist on one side, with the legs overlapping horizontally, 1 hand in front of the body and 1 hand on the side, trying to raise the upper body, can also reduce excess meat on the waist.

  Function: Shrink and relax the shoulders and necks. If you find that the shoulders and necks are stiff, you must try this action. It is a bit like a yoga stance. Put your legs together and lightly above your head. Although slightly difficult, the effect is first-rate.

  Two people do better together. It is not suitable to do too acute exercise before going to bed, but simple segmentation can help blood circulation and improve sleep quality.

  In the previous school days, I was sitting for too long, and I did n’t have much time to exercise. After taking a shower at night, I eased my shoulders and necks, stretched my spine by going through a few simple contractions before going to bed, and fell asleep after finishing my body.It’s written.
If there is a companion, the two will do better together. The action in the picture is particularly recommended. The person above can easily lie down and relax completely, so that the spine that relieves the body pressure can be extended;People, through the weight from above, can vertical legs and back, may wish to try.