Women who give birth to sons are more likely to derail


Women who give birth to sons are more likely to derail

I do n’t know if everyone finds it. In the era when they were not engaged in family planning, many women had “stomach” all sons, and many women had “stomach” all daughters, which is totally inconsistent with the “50% probability of having male and female students.”The key to not having a son is the so-called popular science common sense of the “XY combination”.

Family planning now has only one child, and the so-called “law” cannot be seen. In fact, this law still exists. At the same time, the quality of life and nutrition level have increased. Opening up to work has led to an increase in temptations.The broader vision caused by network technology and the awakening of women’s self-thinking have increased the odds of women being derailed.

  Why is it easier for a woman who has a son to derail?


The birth of a son and the succession of the heirloom have been completed. Many women and mothers have a child and spend a leisurely life waiting for their father and mother. They are the heroes of the family and they are not worried about divorce.), They only need to focus on one thing: make their son like himself and grow up healthy.

They thought that this was the goal of their lives, but such a woman finally found that such arrogance and pride brought her husband’s alienation and estrangement, and some outraged and revenge.


Having a son, the succession of the man ‘s heirloom has been completed. He is also a hero in the family. He can concentrate on his career (the son has inherited the big career), and he can entertain himself (the grandson naturally has grandparents to be a baby pet)()), He gradually drifted away from the family, and his wife was derailed, naturally also reasonable.


Physiologically speaking, although the possibility of having boys and girls is caused by the running ability of X and Y chromosomes in men’s sperm, it should reasonably run as fast as possible, but unfortunately, the “small cricket” of Y chromosomes”It’s inherently weaker, lazy, and more coquettish. It’s easy to run slower because of the unsuitable acid and alkali environment of a woman’s body. There are even 30 million Y chromosomes. It is likely that due to the difficulty of the road, you will lose everything.For example, maybe there are 1.3 billion people in China, including 700 million men, but none can run faster than Liu Xiang.

  How come the pH of a woman?

The vaginal environment is naturally acidic. It will turn red when you put a PH test strip into it. In the case of libido, it will gradually become neutral when the body is fully caressed and awakened. Sperm suitable for Y chromosomes run, there areHelp them run to the finish line first.

The ancients have a recipe: women who are infertile or want a son’s family often pour urine into the woman’s vagina “afterwards”. This has the effect of diluting the acidity of the vagina, which can improve the lack of power of semen caused by prostate diseases and the nutritional components they carry.Insufficient results in a situation that is not far away, which has the practical effect of “spraying urine and sending it to another journey”.

(Rinsing the vagina in advance, and eating more alkaline foods have the same effect.) The “common sense” of “boys and girls are the same, and the results are all on men” is just to trick men not to fight because they have a daughter.Wife, the foolish policy of changing his wife to regenerate his son is a way to protect women, but unfortunately, men have been blinded.

  Therefore, a woman with a “stomach is a son” is a woman who is more likely to be sexually aroused and sexually excited, and her husband is also a man who knows how to excite women with sexual experience and sexual charm. All this has accumulated material for the future derailment of both parties.basis.


Everyone knows that a nanny from a village or a mountain can work, but a laid-off female worker from a city is far harder and harder than the former. Why?

Because their previous experiences and expectations of harvest are different.

So women who can give birth to sons are more susceptible to sexual stimulation and impulses, they have more sexual abilities and needs, and they are more likely to be “dissatisfied”; their husbands are more capable of satisfying other women ‘s sexual abilities and physical temptations.Under the circumstances, derailment and affair may naturally be dry than those of the vagina, there is not much need for sex, the husband has premature ejaculation, and there are many family groups with weak functions.

A woman who has never had orgasm is difficult to derail because of sexual reasons, and needs at least 5 sexes per week, and a woman who needs to orgasm twice per sex. In the case of sexual dissatisfaction, she often uses a strangeLook at the male.

  Women over the age of 40 generally have the ability to become a man’s sexuality at a glance, because of their experience, and because they start to be dissatisfied, and thus have a strong “smell.”

In fact, when a person ‘s ability in some aspects begins to degenerate, the ability to reorganize becomes stronger, and the hearing and touch of the blind person will be more sensitive. I ‘m “love is hot dance” and believe that women with dissatisfaction have stronger “sexy”Perception. ”


Women who have daughters often feel a sense of guilt for the husband who longs for the son. The cold eyes of the husband even exacerbate the woman’s feeling of “depending on her daughter” and empathize with the daughter left by her husband and family, so there is not muchMood and vitality to think about the other, they have a feeling of being sorry for each other in the heart, they are struggling to do housework, they are waiting for a good husband, so they are less derailed.

Even more, because the index of excitement of women who have daughters is far lower than that of women who have sons, it is difficult for some women to experience orgasm throughout their lives, so the sexual factors have become weaker and gradually evolved in their thoughts.Cheng serving a good man and letting “the man be cool in himself” is the woman’s mission. Such thoughts and dispensable attitudes to sex make it difficult for women to cheat.


After giving birth, sons are more difficult to raise than daughters. Future education and quality of life requirements are much higher than daughters. Therefore, in order for sons to have a good future and have more intelligence, often husbands will be more committed to “career”, Therefore ignoring the existence of women; at the same time, women tend to spend more energy for the training of their sons, leading to a gradual decline in career, happiness gradually decreases, couples’ emotions are gradually indifferent, and third parties are more likely to step in . see meMen and women of this article, please look at the mothers who have sons or daughters with another eye. Is the intensification of having a son more sexy and mature, causing happiness, and having a daughter is a lot of things about this.Doesn’t matter?

But please note that I did not imply that having a son or a daughter is directly related to a man’s sexual abilities, but at an accidental moment, the “beads and dark knots” became inevitable and became a lifetime necessity.

  If, for various reasons, there is more than one child, some Faye Wong, she is a “daughter of a belly”, it has been confirmed that in some kind of family of one child and one daughter, the situation is more complicated than I just mentionedSome, not discussed here.

  Finally, to clarify, it is not necessary to say that if you have a son, you will be derailed. If you have a daughter, you will not be derailed. There are many other feelings, traditional morals, and the influence of money.Women who have sons are “easier” to have sexual and spiritual dissatisfaction. Everyone must believe in science and statistics. I surveyed and counted hundreds of families born 65 years later, and the non-public data I received deeply supported me.A word.