Disposable Diapers and Personality Development


Disposable Diapers and Personality Development

With the development of social economy and the rapid development of social civilization, people are gradually changing the way and equipment of raising babies.

The use of disposable diapers for babies was a very strange thing 10 years ago.

It is now very common and has entered ordinary families.

Everyone can never imagine that the function of disposable diapers has its practical and convenient advantages. At the same time, it also has great benefits for children’s mental health and personality development.

      There is an old saying in China: “Seeing the old at the age of 3” means that a person has formed most of the entire personality at the age of 3.

This statement is in line with Dr. Freud’s personality development theory, a well-known psychologist and founder of psychoanalytic therapy.

According to Freud, the experience that everyone gains in childhood influences the personality traits of adulthood.

The formation of personality is an orderly process of development, and each stage is related to the satisfaction degree of certain body parts during childhood.

He also pointed out that this kind of gratification is neither indispensable nor too much, because it leads to a fixed and delayed personality growth, which in turn leads to personality problems or obstacles in the future.

      The baby’s psychologically sensitive part of the torso body at the age of 2-3 is mainly around the anus, and the child moderately meets the psychological needs in developing normal bowel habits.

If parents control the baby’s bowel movements too tightly or too broadly at this stage, it may affect their mental and behavioral health as adults.

Personality becomes too conservative after being controlled too much, sticking to small sections or being too particular; after controlling too broadly, personality becomes careless, disorganized, extravagant, and casual.

      Most children today are single children.

Parents’ love for their children has manifested since childhood.

Too many parents ignore the truth of science when they love their children, while paying attention to their children’s physical health, they do not think about the consequences of psychological growth and development.

Babies shit and urinate in the middle of the night. When they cry, the young parents are impatient, they clumsyly change the baby’s diapers, meanwhile complain, and even beat the baby’s little butt.

They did not expect that such child-raising behavior would lead to the distortion of the child’s personality.

In order to get their own peace of mind and settle, regardless of whether the baby needs to urinate or not, they just “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at at no time because the baby has to shit), so the baby must squeezeAfter a few drops of urine, the parents agreed to give up.

Why do they know that children’s bad self-care, bad homework, fast stationery consumption and other bad behavior habits are closely related to the mistakes of “pooping” the way to children.

      Disposable diapers give young parents a reasonable degree of how to seize “putting shit”. Instead of replacing the baby’s actual needs with their own wishes, they give children a “pulling” condition so that they can get it naturally.Comprehensive Physiological and Psychological Aspects.

      Although there is a certain distance between people’s lifestyles and esoteric psychological theories, not everything can be covered by specific theories.

But if parents can meet the objective laws of medicine, psychology and sociology more in the process of raising children, our offspring will be able to cultivate a new generation of comprehensive development of mental and physical health.