Yoga breathing relieves fatigue in the brain

Yoga breathing relieves fatigue in the brain

Nowadays, people use mobile phones, computers, and memory. It seems that they can use their brains to remember everything, so many people have “amnesia.” Of course, in modern urban life, people always face a lot of work and stress.A state of high stress, such a state of life and work also causes many people to lose their memory, and at a young age, they have “amnesia.”

So how can we solve this problem?

  In fact, the decline in brain memory is due to fatigue caused by overloading the brain. To enhance your memory, you need to send a large amount of oxygen to the brain to relieve brain fatigue. Yoga breathing method can breathe for the brain.A large amount of oxygen is delivered, so that the mind of the practitioner becomes refreshed and agile.

White-collar workers practice this way in the inter-work time, and they will definitely get good results.

  Practice yoga breathing memory method. First, sit upright on a stool with strong waist, fully relax the head, shoulders and the whole body, and then let the muscles shake back and forth 7-10 times through the rhythm of the muscles. Second, after stopping the headAfter rotating, inhale deeply through the nose for about 4-6 seconds, the head slowly backwards, the mouth opens naturally, the upper and lower teeth engage, and the breath is exhaled from between the teeth in the same time; finallyAfter about 10 seconds of rest, repeat the exercise 3 times.

  When performing this type of exercise, the practitioner needs to pay attention to the fact that the practitioner should inhale and imagine that the inhaled oxygen fills the entire brain. When exhaling, all the remaining waste will be exhaled out of the body with the exhaust gas.

Let yourself be in a state of complete relaxation, so that the effect can be more obvious.

  It is also a good way to relax during busy work without taking time to do yoga.