AMCReady tofairy(Four generationspolo)To build this hatchbackWRCRacing ideas,Even without Jack before·Welch and himself pass the air,Through these days, there have been numerous reports in the European media,David·Richards knows too,He nodded:“Technically, of course no problem,The hatchback has better passability,Compared to sedan,The response at the rear of the car is also sharper,Of course, no problem,But still the problem,time,Time is too tight……”

“So I need your help and Cosworth,”Not waiting for David·Richards finished,Chen Geng interrupted him,Said:“I need you to beWRCRich experience in competitions,helpAMCbased onfairyCreate aWRCRacing car。”
David·Richards did not speak,His mouth is bitter。
As a professional and even one of the world’s top chassis tuning companies,Born in the British Lotus Motor CompanyProdriveThe company does have quite a wealth of adjustmentsWRCRacing chassis performance、Experience in handling stability,In addition to the sequential gearbox design and transmission design of the racing car、Also has a good ability in adjustment;As for Cosworth,The ability in power system has been recognized all over the world,But still that sentence:Time。
“Mr. Fernandez,Time is too tight,”David·Richards took a deep breath:“This means we need to allocate more staff to help you do this,This way,Our original work plan and progress will be affected……”
Isn’t it just adding money??
Chen Geng smiled:“How much is it?”
David·Richards is a little embarrassed,but……Business,Business is business!He pursed his mouth:“I need to calculate the detailed figures before giving you,but……At least higher than normal price40%。”
Paused,David·Richards hurriedly added:“Because of our relationship,You can get this price,As for Cosworth,The price may be higher。”
“can,”Chen Geng agreed without saying a word:“These are no problems。”
He actually agreed?
David·Richards really can’t understand why Chen Geng isWRCSo persistent:Count the cost of overspending required to build a fleet,Fernandez·The money Chen needs to spend can even allow him to form two in the next yearWRCTeam up,Really……
These damn Yankees,Really rich!
David, who originally thought Chen Geng would retire in case·Richards,I didn’t expect Chen Geng to promise so happy,He hesitated,Said again:“This one……And one more thing……”
“But with usProdriveCosworth,I’m afraid I’m still very nervous,If you can,I suggest that you better invite Lotus to participate……But their charges may be higher……”David·Richards said hesitantly,A blushing like a monkey butt,after all,It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that he is not as skilled as others,Even if he David·Richards and his entire team are all from Lotus。