Woman-to-woman communication

Woman-to-woman communication

First, don’t despise each other, it is not surprising to moderately praise women for treating same-sex as natural enemies.

Just as a joke says: two men and women walk together, men look at women, women look at women.

Women generally do not target men against their opponents. This is of course related to the traditional “good man does not fight with women” consciousness. More importantly, women are born with some sort of inferiority.

Therefore, women’s enemies are ultimately women.

Women praise women, and women despise their kind.

Getting along with women is not easy.


  A Yuan is a young female journalist with a track record. Her article has always focused on the life of women.

She has the advantage of being inferior to others: no matter who she interviews, she can quickly become a part of it.

Especially women, she can quickly get you into the role and answer the questions she wants to interview.

A colleague asked what the secret was, and A Yuan replied: “It’s easy to do, as long as I sincerely praise her” your lipstick color is really beautiful “,” this suit is really suitable for you “, enough!

“Indeed, women like to be noticed.

If you want to get a woman’s favor, a modest compliment is necessary to let her know that you are the one she doesn’t need to defend. You really make her a friend.

  Second, don’t be bullish, but easy-going and easy-going people are annoying.

Accompanied by an arrogant “princess” who is solitary and admiring herself, it is better to talk to others calmly and be an empathetic “Cinderella”.

Women, especially do not like to rely on their looks to arrogant themselves.

Under the ranking, they are more willing to accept casual, gentle, gentle and ordinary women like themselves.

  Jing is a school flower, always has a high neck, and the golden rooster is independent.

The girls envy her and isolate her all at the same time, instead of talking to her and not befriending her.

Jing is free and lonely.

Although the boys admired her, they felt that she was too arrogant and not easy to approach, and the girls talked about her bad things behind her.

In the end, the teacher was helpless and made a decision that was against her: she was not recommended to graduate school.

  Third, don’t be impetuous, make sure that a good woman is a school, and knowing a calm and eclectic woman is equivalent to entering a good school.

It is impossible to preview, a woman who meets and laughs, and a woman who has been familiar with it will care about and worry about; it is also impossible to predict that a woman who is frivolous will take your friendship as the most important thing.

A dignified woman is a sign, she can never be underestimated and always remembered.

On the contrary, the woman who flutters is like a poppy flower. Wisdom is far away from her. Beauty cannot last forever. Even kindness becomes flickering and lacks due strength.

  He is a close friend of Bo. He is “a tendon”, and he “swings with the wind.”

Bo’s father died, and He arrived, lamenting his wounds, not under Bo.

Apart from admiration, all of them have sincere loyalty and friendship.

The wave, however, is universal.


  Fourth, don’t talk harshly, but be tolerant to others. “Knife mouth, tofu heart” really does not write a woman!

A woman’s heart may be kind, but those two unsuccessful mouths are often bad things, affecting women’s communicative results.

“Look at her virtue, her face is like a wolf!

“It goes without saying that certain women will never have good relationships.

Because a powerful, harsh, and unreasonable person is not really convincing.

  The nurse Xiaohui is not beautiful, but she is humble, generous, and helpful.

No matter who wants to be around, she will help.Her companion was wrong, and she laughed and said, “I did the same when I first arrived.

  ”The patient was upset, and she spoke comfortably:” Don’t worry, you will be fine soon.

“In this way, her popularity is stronger than those who are more beautiful than her.

  Fifth, don’t talk to yourself, but what you like is a common disease that women are prone to commit.

Mother-in-law, the woman who likes to talk about the car is completely annoying.

In addition, the women met with a lot of words, repeated their joys and sorrows, and whether they loved to listen or not, they talked endlessly, but they felt comfortable and indulged in the temporary release, but the emotions of othersMake a mess.

Such people, to put it bluntly, are selfish.

Therefore, a smart woman is a good listener when she is unique, and secondly, she can pay attention to the other’s reaction at any time, and the camera adjusts the personal content instead of blindly speaking.

  Xiang Lin’s puppet is a lesson learned.

In fact, celebrities at home and abroad abound in this area.

Pakistani Prime Minister Bey?

Bhutto was patient and patient when listening to the reports of his subordinates, but he didn’t talk much. At the end of the report, he grasped the main points. Throughout the analysis, the organization was clear and accurate. Ni Ping, an excellent TV presenter, can ask questions on any occasion., Answer, so as to control the atmosphere on the field, to achieve the purpose of easy hosting.