Quadriceps Shock Training Program

Quadriceps Shock Training Program

How can quadriceps exercise stimulate its rapid growth?

Let’s take a look at the text below, which may help you.

  For new growth of the quadriceps, it is recommended that you use a previous shock training program.

I always use this plan for 3-6 months in preparation for Mr. Olympia, it seems to have a magical effect on me.

  Even if the legs are flexed and stretched, the contraction is not ready for a heavy squat.

So I raised my legs for the second exercise.

There is some form of leg lift. My favorite is vertical leg lift, which can make the quadriceps feel good.

Lie on your back on a flat plate, press the pedals upwards until your legs are fully straightened, and then slowly control the reduction.

However, this method is easy to hurt the knee joint.

It is recommended that you do leg lifting exercises on a standard 45-degree sloping plate. Use the leg press to adjust the position of the two feet (parallel toes are parallel or separated, legs are high, legs are low, or ducks are separated with their legs larger than shoulder width) To exercise different parts of the quadriceps.

First do 1 group, 12 reps / group warm-up, then 3 groups, 10-12 reps / group formal group.

  By the time you actually do a squat, the temperature of the leg muscles has risen, and you are ready to build muscle masses and lines for the quadriceps.

Be careful not to use extra heavy weights, as the flexion and extension of the legs and the quadriceps exercise are a bit tired, so each group should gradually increase the weight when squatting.

If you can usually do squats with 400 pounds, then you should not use more than 300 pounds now.

You know, after completing the leg flexion and extension exercises, 300 pounds will make you feel 1 ton.

  At first I used squat incorrectly as the first exercise, but later I realized that it was not a smart choice because it was easy to cause damage.

I also tried to “shock” my legs in a lightning flash in 10 minutes.

This is also a mistake, don’t rush into training.

In order to achieve optimal growth in muscle volume and mass, you need to take the time to increase the temperature of the muscles.

  I first use leg flexion and extension to do 1 set of warm-up exercises, 15 times / group, then 2 groups, 8-10 times / set of leg flexion and extension, the formal group, the movement speed is slower, and more attention should be paid to the control to restoreThe head muscles remain constantly tense throughout the range of motion.

  Squats can be done with light weights for 1 group, 12 reps / group exercises as a warm-up, then 2-3 groups, 8-10 reps / groups for the official group.

  In order to achieve a throbbing growth of the quadriceps, you only need to exercise once a week to adjust for adequate recovery time.

Don’t torture your legs cruelly, as long as you train it scientifically and correctly, the quadriceps will respond quickly.