Be alert to six psychological effects

Be alert to six psychological effects

1.Suffering from Jun A and Mrs B only married for five years, but half a year ago, Mrs B no longer paid attention to sex, Jun A was in a bad mood because of being rejected, and they were often troublesome. The main reason was that Mrs B’s preventive mood.

Half a year ago, Ms. B’s mother died. She was very sad and depressed.

And Jun A did not understand that his wife’s suffering would last for six months and lost interest in sex.

  In fact, everyone suffers from emotional damage, financial problems, work frustration, or extreme stress.

With the help of a psychiatrist, Jun A realized that he should forgive his wife more, and Ms B also felt that she should be relieved from the preventive mood through treatment and dedicated to improving their relationship.

After hard work, Jun and B, their relationship gradually returned to normal.

  2.After ten years of selfish marriage, Mrs. C and Mrs. D lost interest in each other.

Through psychological counseling, the problem was found to be lack of mutual praise and support.

During the consultation, C Jun refused to take Ms D for granted everything he took for granted, and Ms D acknowledged this.

But she said he never praised her or followed her.

  A man who is not praised is as terrible as a woman who is not praised, and will make them emotionally flawed.

After the consultation, Mrs. C and Mrs. D. praised and enthusiastically each other.

  3.Sex taboos E Jun and Ms F have been married for four years, and E Jun’s incompetence is getting worse.

E Jun is in a painful situation because of sexual taboos.

He felt that a “good girl” should not be related to sex. Because he thought his wife was a “good girl”, he always felt nervous and blamed himself when having sex with his wife, and eventually developed into being unwilling to have sex with her.

  The psychologist told E Jun to try to adopt a variety of openness to sex and talk frankly with Ms. E.

And when you ca n’t engage in military sexual activities, do n’t keep thinking about it and learn to relax training to improve the worry and tension at this time.

In the end, E Jun overcomes this problem and has a normal and happy sex life with his wife.

  4.Sexual mythology Sexual mythology and sexual taboo are two extremes, but it can also harm people’s sexual relations. G Jun and his wife are an example.

G Jun has some bachelor friends who often brag about their sexual adventures. G Jun also saw introductory performances in some TV videos. He gradually felt that he had lost something and thought his relationship with his wife was not as wonderful as others.

  In fact, this kind of sexual competition is contrary to nature.

G and his wife finally understand that they have been deceived by exaggerated sexual myths.

  5.Lack of adaptive marriage is a series of relationships year after year: getting married, having children, starting a family, and then retiring on their own . Psychologists believe that every time a couple moves from one stage of life to another,Their marital relationships must be adjusted, and during periods of change, sex may stop and stop.

  After K Jun and Ms. L had been married for several years and had a child who would be enrolled in school, they began to feel that they could no longer adapt to each other, and their sexual life stopped.

Through counselling, they realized that the problem was that they couldn’t adapt to the new relationship with their children.

They are now completely husband and wife, they are still parents, which means that they play both roles at the same time, they must adjust their mentality to get along well.

After they got used to it, sexual relations returned to normal, and once again became something that made them happy.

  6.Disharmony M and P have a junior high school daughter. The couple’s sex life is getting worse. Through psychological counseling, they find that the discord between them is always there.

Their views on raising children are completely different. M Jun is free and tolerant of children, but Ms. P is very strict. Through the growth of her daughter, this problem becomes more and more obvious.

Ms. P even thought that M was too concerned about her daughter and forgot about his wife.

They often quarrel openly, causing their sexual relationship to be almost surrounded by inactivity under stressful stress.